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Nearly 700 contraband items seized at Bordelais!

Image of Bordelais Correctional Facility.

A total of 661 contraband items were seized at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) during a shakedown of prison cells Tuesday.

BCF officials said that the haul included 12 mobile telephones, 3 portions of cannabis, 115 lighters, 31 weapons, 141 shavers and 172 blades.

Deputy Director of Corrections Leonard Terrance explained that BCF officials usually conduct searches every year to get rid of contraband.

He said most of the officers at the BFC were involved in Tuesday’s search of the cells to create a sterile environment where inmates and staff could feel safe.

“Over the years since we have been conducting these searches, they have been very successful in terms of the number of items we are able to remove from the facility,” Terrance stated.

He disclosed that during the shakedown of the prison cells, no visits were allowed at the prison.

“We pride ourselves on the safety and security of the facility.

“We work very hard to get rid of these items that pose a security risk to the staff and the inmates themselves and that is why we go through this search three times a year to ensure that as much as we can, we get rid of these items.”

Terrance indicated that there were “no reports of resistance from the inmates.”

There are currently 530 inmates at the facility.

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