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5 Women Charged After Constitution Park Brawl

FIVE women have been charged with various offences in connection with a recent public fight in the capital.

Three sisters are among the females facing a slew of charges that include unlawful fighting and assault.

The fight occurred at Constitution Park on Monday May 28 and the five women, all in their twenties, appeared in court on May 30th.

City Police arrested three of the fighting females and later escorted them to the Central Police Station’s custody section in Castries.

One was taken to Victoria Hospital to be treated for injuries and was later released, then also taken into custody.

The women hailed from Bocage, La Toc Road, Bexon and Ciceron.

The reason for the fight was not disclosed, but the women were released on $500 bail and are scheduled to make another court appearance on June 14th.

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