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No Arrest Yet In Fish Vendor’s Death

By Kingsley Emmanuel

UP to press time yesterday morning no one had been charged in connection with the incident at the Vieux-Fort Fishing Port in which a fish vendor was fatally wounded with a knife.

Dead is Kurt Poyotte, 48, of La Tourney, Vieux-Fort.

His attacker, accompanied by his lawyer, reported the incident to the Vieux-Fort police,and was released after spending a few days in police custody.

According to Inspector MarcellinusLeonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station, the assailant was ordered to be released by the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Daarsrean Greene, pending further investigations.

The incident occurred sometime after 3.00 p.m. in the presence of a number of persons.

It started when both men tried to buy the same fishes from a fishing vessel.

According to information emanating from the Vieux-Fort police, Poyotte met his demise when he was struck in his neck with a knife thrown at him by his assailant. Poyotte was armed with a cutlass while chasing his assailant.

According to the police, during a scuffle between the two men earlier, the assailant managed to avoid being injured by Poyotte when he (Poyotte) attempted to chop him with a cutlass, which he managed to block with a piece of wood.

Information coming from the police also revealed that a license firearm holder who was at the scene of the incident had earlier stopped the confrontation when he fired a shot in the air.

Eyewitness to the incident told this reporter that the knife stuck in the deceased throat who was bleeding profusely while on the ground.

There has been a calm at the fishing port since the incident.

Fisherfolks and fish vendors at the Vieux-Fort Fishing Port say they expected such an incident to happen because of the constant confrontations at the port where death threats are being made.

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