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Tourism Authority Raises The Bar

THE St. Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), in conjunction with their working partners, appears to be making several in-roads by way of raising the bar for the island’s tourism product.

Last Saturday, the most popular television station in France (TF1 – TélévisionFrançaise 1) produced an astounding review of St. Lucia. This review targeted the high-end travellers frequenting the French side of Saint Martin which was unfortunately severely damaged by Hurricane Maria.

This sort of exposure is nothing short of admirable for St. Lucia as a high-end destination. These ongoing advertisements tie in directly with the vision of the present administration by attracting major companies to register their businesses in St. Lucia. To date, a number of companies have done so, resulting in several offices and apartments which once lay dormant being occupied.

Coupled to these significant advancements, the inaugural call of the “ANTHEM OF THE SEAS” with some 5000 passengers aboard and a crew of 2000 further brought St. Lucia to another level.

The plan of this administration to finally address the container chaos at Port Castries by way of creating a container berth adjacent to the mouth of the Cul-de-Sac river simultaneously desilting that area to avoid the ongoing flooding in the Cul-de-Sac valley and converting the Bananes Bay into an eye-catching area is years overdue.

Additionally, the old mental home will be thoroughly transformed into the new police headquarters and the inlet which is presently occupied by derelict vessels will be the new home for the Coast Guard. That whole area will be completely beautified and will no longer be an eyesore to citizens and visitors alike.

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