Schools T-T Starts Today

IN preparation for the Inter-District table tennis teams and singles championships scheduled for next Wednesday, various primary schools sporting districts are staging their Inter-School championships from today at the Castries Table Tennis Centre.

According to national table tennis player, Chris Wells, who is also one of organizers, play is scheduled to start from 9:00 a.m. However, it remains uncertain whether the district teams will make it on time at the venue based on the various schools’ location and transportation needed to get to the venue.

The likes of Jelani Dusauzay from District 2, D’Andre Calderon, Nate John and SaneilDonard all from District 1 will be in action.

Wells said schools will be playing as a district as 90% of the students are under 15 years old. However, by 2018 they will be looking at age categories as most, if not all, of the students would have turned 16.

Following their respective showdowns, the various districts will select their best 4 boys and 4 girls.

Today, District 2 students will be in action at the Castries Table Tennis Centre.

Tomorrow, District 3 will have their tournament at the same venue, likewise District 1 next Monday.

Table tennis action continues with District 4 next Tuesday at the Anse la Raye Primary School.

Districts 5 through 8 will compete in a separate championship.

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