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World Sight Day Message

World Sight Day 2016 is being celebrated under the theme “Universal Eye Health” and the call to action “Stronger Together” focuses on global vision impairment and blindness.

World Sight day is observed on the second Thursday of October each year. This year’s observance falls on October 13.

Optipharm Eye Centre and the One Good Deed Foundation call on all to come together and join us in raising awareness on blindness and for people to take care in preserving their vision.

Optipharm Eye Centre, headed by Dr. Benet C. Henry, the regional company’s Consultant Ophthalmologist, will be hosting various activities at our several locations to observe World Sight Day.

We strive to educate the public on different eye diseases and how they work to destroy our sight. We will be sharing information with the public to make people more aware of what developments can take place in their eyes and what they can do to prevent it or reduce the effects that these diseases can have on them.

Proper corrective eye wear, protective eye wear and regular comprehensive eye examinations are key ways in which we can protect our eyes. Globally, many people are suffering from vision loss or vision deterioration. However, if proper steps are taken to detect, treat and manage these conditions by receiving proper eye care, many of these occurrences can be prevented.

The WHO global action plan target is to reduce avoidable blindness by 25% by the year 2019. Along with the global society, we would like to urge people to put care into their eye health by taking the time to have regular comprehensive eye examinations, wear protective eyewear, take their medication as prescribed and follow the advice given by their ophthalmologist in order to preserve their vision.

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