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LIALPA threatened action

The Leeward Islands Airline Pilots Association (LIALPA) has made various statements in the media this week regarding several matters. The company has taken all reasonable steps to address the concerns raised and to keep the members of LIALPA informed of progress.

LIAT will not respond in the media to many of these internal industrial matters but is conscious of continued discussion in the public realm.

While LIAT and LIALPA discuss these issues and exchange letters and documents in the normal course of industrial relations, the service provided to the public by LIAT is being threatened with disruption by the pilots.

LIALPA has, in its last press release, appealed to the public for support but LIAT is aware that some pilots may act in a manner which will result in inconvenience to members of the travelling public over the weekend.

Passengers are requested to monitor electronic and print media during this ongoing discourse.

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