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Decomposed Body Stinks Up VH

THE sick and their families waiting to be seen by doctors in the casualty waiting room at Victoria Hospital, were forced to sit for hours with the stench of death in the air.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon, but according to witness accounts, this is a common occurrence.

Whilst security guards, some staff members of the hospital and a few persons waiting to be attended to wore disposable face masks, the rest of a packed waiting room was left reeling in disgust as the wind continuously blew gusts of the stench into the room.

To add to the ordeal, the waiting room was also teeming with flies that proved to be a major nuisance to the already frail and frustrated individuals.

One staff member of The VOICE who happened to be on site at the time, approached a security officer and asked about the stench and where it was coming from?

The guard confirmed that it was indeed coming from the morgue and that it was as a result of an autopsy being conducted on a decomposed body.

The hospital’s morgue which is situated in a downstairs office, around the corner from the casualty waiting room. However, the wind direction carried the stench upward towards the waiting room which was also poorly ventilated and sweltering due to the lack of working fans (with the exception of one)

THE VOICE was informed that for over four years now, the body refrigerators at the hospital’s morgue have been out of commission.

According to a reliable source, the hospital has been using the services and facilities of the Rambally’s Funeral Parlour to store the bodies.

The source said that it has been a difficult time as the work load and time spent retrieving and delivering bodies back and forth to the hospital, has become overwhelming.

The source said there is hope the opening of the new Owen King Hospital will alleviate the problem sooner rather than later


  1. I did not just read this. First of all the decomposed body belongs to a family. it is not nice what is being said here. secondly, why would you have people smelling that in a hospital – this is unhealthy. who is responsible for this?

  2. wow. i cannot believe this is a reality. How much money is allotted to the Health Ministry? can nothing be done about this as a matter of urgency? or is it just me who sees this as an urgent matter befitting urgent attention? for four years you have inoperable body freezers? seriously? at a hospital? where are we? come one people do better than that. have some respect for the dead and for the families of the dead. God Bless.

  3. Avina must be the minister of Health and KDA must be the PM. No way this is happening under the ‘change’.

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