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BREAKING NEWS : 1 Dead in Pigeon Point Shooting

A twenty -two year old resident of Balata was killed and two are wounded in an early morning shooting at a gathering in Pigeon Point.

Eyewitnesses say that gunshots were heard in the heavily populated area causing wide spread chaos and panic.

According to one individual known to frequent the beach bars, “there were a lot of people at Point last night. When I left the place, it was buzzing.”

“We had just got on the bus and was waiting for it to leave when we heard what sounded like gun shots, soon after vehicles were speeding down the stretch and persons were running for cover.”

Images reaching our news desk perpetuate that at least one male individual was the casualty of the gunplay at the venue known to be a regular entertainment hub, largely frequented by tourists from the near by hotels and locals alike.

The man was pictured laying lifeless on the sand while an onlooker appeared to be checking for his vital signs.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Department are investigating and more information will be available in the Tuesday morning The Voice Newspaper.



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  1. Why do these thugs want to commit their crimes where recivilise people gather for leisure. Stay in your ghetto or slum. Leave your guns home. Try relaxing for a change instead of plotting revenge. If you wanna start a war, do it on your home turf, not in public places where innocent bystanders would get hurt. There is no honour in killing a man while he is on his leisure time. There is no honour in using a large crowd as cover for your plot of revenge. Only cowards use innocent bystanders as an element of advantage in a fight. Only cowards would gun down a man in cold blood. I hope those cowards are brought to justice. I hope they are given a public trial and execution since they are so bold to commit their crimes in public leisure spots.

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