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The Word Is ‘Inspiring’


I was especially proud to be Saint Lucian on Tuesday evening during our Prime Minister’s significant press conference. He deserves high praise – fulsome praise even – for his execution of that interview session. What a cosmic difference from that which we’d been ‘treated’ to in the recent past.

Hon Allen Michael Chastanet was a king-sized combination of intelligence,knowledge,information, openness, preparedness, confidence, equanimity, fluency, spontaneity, affability, obvious talent and heart:a joy to behold in action. And there’s more: in the face of all his (and the country’s) inherited trials and tribulations, he was able to tell his people that he is both optimistic and up to the challenge.

So, while we greatly rue our recent unpardonable history, let us thank our lucky stars that we (not least through our own great good sense) have escaped its stifling clutches, even as we continue to suffer the unbelievable after-effects of its burdensome reality. Shameful and criminal stuff, for sure. And I simply can’t help but wonder where the new vision would have already taken us even in this brief post-election period had the legacy handed us not been so horrendously hostile.

But let us, like our intrepid, industrious Prime Minister, adopt an optimistic attitude as we go forward with interest, patience, co-operation and selflessness.

And, Rick, I’m looking forward to hearing you give Jack his jacket, Hugh his due and Allen his gallon! I really can’t imagine you doing otherwise in this context.

— Nahdjla Bailey

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By Nahdjla Bailey


      1. DM
        I expected better from you…..SON-OF-MAN can enlighten you: Politically, Culturally and Religiously? And you live in the great state of NEW YORK. SON-OF-MAN can not survive in one of the five boroughs. That which you in thirst for is all around you in its pure form. Give me a break!


    What type of intoxicant do you consume ? White Rum ? Crack ? Whiskey ? Bounty ? Gin ? Gros Pompom ? Heroine ? Glue ? What is it that has induced such hallucinations in your delirium ? Perhaps some mosquito born virus?

    Allen Chastanet is the worst con man to have ever walked on Laborie Street to enter the House of Parliament, and this pathetic criminal who stole monies from the people of Soufriere, an amount of approximately 100,000.00 dollars for his personal use, and continued to lie to the people of our country, will reduce the Pitons to ashes very soon.

    The Chastanet Crime Family has done “fork-all” to improve the standings of St. Lucians here or anywhere in the world. This infernal white supremacist promised to be a government of transparency, but instead when questioned by a Reporter to shed some transparency on the place of dwelling for the little Freak Prince Harry, and the statement by his Brothel Coco Palm in Rodney Bay, this ignorant Thug Allen Chastanet resorted to being abusive calling the Reporter a LIAR for asking a simple question.

    If I asked you, “did you ever get raped by Allen Chastanet ?” how can you accuse me of being a Liar ? The answer should be a simple yes or no, but this thug Allen Chastanet became inflamed and abusive because the Journalist did his job and questioned this arrogant white supremacist Allen who was taught by his Evil Caucasian Christian Parents that our Kweyol Culture amounted to savagery, and he should never speak the language of the Black African Lucian people.

    Yet you are hallucinating about how proud you are of this international embarrassment Allen Chastanet who is an ignorant man not even able to read a Tee-ABC book, without encountering tremendous difficulty to articulate and understand the meaning of Cow and Bull ? What is your problem woman? Bacardi Rum? White Rum ? Crack ? Whiskey ? Bounty ? Gin ? Gros Pompom ? Heroine ? Glue ? Cocaine ? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM ? Here’s the pathological liar, Allen Chastanet promising you to remove VAT completely:





  2. /

    It is imperative to examine the individuals who we are told are “Leaders”, chosen by the hand of the white male God nailed to the cross post, and worshiped by Negro savages, who eat his body and drink his blood to become white and acceptable to the Evil Caucasians who dictates their behaviors, given them his names to show they are his possessions, gave them his Caucasian Image to worship as God and told them that they have no history.

    The time has arrived when Lucians must awake from their induced coma, and regain vision where sellout Negroes like this Nahdjia, Black Pete Josie, Sarah Flood, and Mary Isaac can become more conspicuous to the people of this little island who have struggled for centuries in search of freedom, truth, and justice. YOU MUST NOW QUESTION EVERYTHING YOU WERE EVER TAUGHT BY THESE EVIL-LIVERS, AND THEIR BLACK SAMBOS, who have given you a Pale Caucasian woman as the First Lady of this country of Black Africans; Africans now being disrespected openly by the Goons and Thugs of the Chastanet Crime Family who feel no shame calling us NIGGERS.






    you so predictable………a piece of crap written by who? can trigger a rant response from you, you crack me up.

    1. See UNCLE TOM NY:

      What you fail to understand is some of us are free men, no longer on the Candyland Chastanet Plantation, with a dead Caucasian nailed to a cross hanging around their necks like millstones, and praying to other dead Caucasians like the Gutter Teresa.

      You Negroes see this Evil Caucasian Christians as your God and masters, even as he shoots you Negroes like dogs in the streets of Brooklyn with impunity; excuse me I should have said roaches, since dogs are better cared for in NY than you Sambo Negro Christians lusting after white women – think Michael Vick doing prison time for dogfights? Now think Erick Garner and the Caucasian Christian Police Palatano who got an increase in salary for chocking him to death for selling cigarettes.

      You sound so much like the other Negro living in his sister’s basement with a Caucasian jamet, even worse than Trump’s Jamet wife. I will rename you to UNCLE THOMAS NY. JUST LOOK AT THIS FILTHY WHITE WOMEN YOU NEGROES COME TO PICKUP ON EIGHTH AVE. Mrs. TRUMP NAKED:


      1. junta kinte… aka son of man
        I told you already: I do not worship a spook, I am not a person of faith/belief. I for one would love to pie of your Allah in public. And oh I love my jamets, black coffee, not sugar no cream. Unlike you, palling around in VF with these honkies just be to socially accepted. I am currently on the island of Guadeloupe…..not in my sisters basement in NY. I haven’t seen her in well over five years for that matter. Keep ranting.

  4. /

    This ignorant fraudster Allen Chastanet who is so devious that he has hijacked All the Ministries of Government, expressing a lack of confidence in all the clowns who are ministers in name only(MINO), was in N.Y.C. yesterday and succeeded in fooling all the Lucians who expected something of substance, but ended terrible disappointed after This master of deceit took out his lying compressor and filled the auditorium with mountains of lies, hot air, and excuses.

    The Chastanet Crime Family was taught from infancy that Black Lucians are idiot savages who practice cannibalism, eating the body of dead Caucasians like Tolooloos who they believe is God incarnate, while drinking Caucasians’ blood, and possess substandard intelligence which was proven when these mentally deranged Lucians elected Allen Chastanet to be the Prime Minster of this Black African Country, and by default made an ugly Caucasian entity the First Lady over their beautiful Black Women and Daughters.

    These MINOs are not permitted by the nincompoop Allen Chastanet to fly and do business overseas by themselves, because The White Supremacist Crime Family see the MINO Negro Slaves as incompetent and stupid, seeing that this cabal of UWP Negroes made the ignorant functionally illiterate Allen Chastanet their political leader.

    Here the arrogant imbecile Chastanet explains why he has not permitted these Negro MINOs




  5. I am happy to see that there’s someone out there with some degree of
    appreciation for what Allen Chastanet stands for. Here is what Nahdjla Bailey
    in my opinion is trying to convey. The young man is from a decent family, whose
    hard working father have sent him abroad to achieve a proper education, and not
    to expect or depend on handouts to make a living. He is no doubt an ambitious
    young man, hard working, with a recognizable name and don’t have to struggle
    to show who he is and what he wants to achieve for the nation. As someone said
    THE SON ALSO RISES – to know him, is to know his father, Michael who reached
    the peak by one thing and one thing only – HARD WORK. watch Allen do it. Blessings.

  6. It is said often by the American Racist, that the slaves were very happy being slaves. The FOX host Bill O’Riley made the statement regarding Black Americans. As I observe some of the writers here, I have to say the Racists were not completely wrong.

  7. ……….SOM: Chastanet is PM today because guys who look like you in polyester suits have repeatedly stifled the aspirations of the PEOPLE; both in this hemisphere and all over Africa. So!!…..position your BLACK ASS for to receive the boots of the PEOPLE!!…..

  8. When Moses sent up the mount for consel from the Creator THE PEOPLE who were led to freedom and witnessed the power of Divine intervention
    …..gave him the boot sack to ccreate their own false idolatry.
    Our Jim Jones has prepared a 2.5 billion $$$batch of ominous koolaid69

    VFORT and St Lucia need altruistic vanguard

  9. On a more academic note I rate the. Vick (quarterback) comparison as mega brilliant interjection
    …to be continued

  10. Son-of-a-B…. I think you are the green eye monster very jealous of our Prime Minister. One question for you ,what did he do to your Mother? It is a shame you are not smart enough to know just how dumb you are. You are truly a stupid person,please,for the sake of humanity do not breed moron. You are without a doubt, a vile and despicable person all you do is bash the PM who does not know if you exist,you have a special kind of stupid going on there,you ‘re either a troll or a freaking idiot either way -Drop dead,because there is no medicine for stupidity.

  11. FURIOUS:

    It is obvious you are some kind of product of the Chastanet Crime Family plantation, since you magnify your skewed concept of good and evil with such skill.

    The Chastanet Crime Family has promised you GAMBLING, PROSTITUTION, DRUG ADDICTION, BRAIN DAMAGED ALCOHOLICS, CASINOS, ROLL AND TUMBLE, BLACK JACK, MURDER, RAPE, SODOMY – A life of Pleasure on this Pleasure island, with Picnocos like you being transformed into Jackassess to race on the Chinese Mafia Race Track..

    Yet you lowdown hypocrites – you FURIOUS, NAHDJIA, SAMJ, CICERO, NY, SAMBO ROMAN CATHOLIC JOHN WAYNE, AND THE OTHERS, a cabal of shameless lowlifes, who call yourselves Christians are hailing Lucifer Michael Chastanet and the Legions of the Chastanet Crime Family as your Leader to the Hell Fire.

    I know you Negroes suffer from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) and hate yourselves and anyone who reminds you of your worthless selves as Black Sambo House Nigger Slaves, having no knowledge of your Names, Language, Religion, and miseducated by the Chastanet White Supremacist to thinking you have NO HISTORY – A FRIGGING SPOOK WITH A SO-CALLED WHITE WOMAN AS YOUR FIRST LADY OVER YOUR BLACK WOMEN.

    You call me stupid ? but before thanking you, I must ask you not to be such a frigging abomination like the Arch Deceiver Allen Chastanet who is addicted to evil, and Lies continually just like yourself, making me think that Chastanet’s Lying is some king of Communicable Diseases that threatens to destroy the country, even killing the swines.

    Here’s this little white supremacist thug Allen Chastanet LYING THROUGH THE FOUR CORNERS OF HIS SNOUT.





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