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Stop This Foolishness

I have not heard enough about the traffic disaster that occurred in Castries last Friday all because some unconscionable member of the private sector wanted to hold a show.

It is amazing the things that happen in our country where important roads can be simply blocked off to accommodate some of the very activities that have resulted in the decadence that we see all around us, enticing our young people into drugs and alcohol. Amazingly, some business houses are pushing that kind of agenda and they have the support of the police who accommodate them with venues that result in the kind of chaos that we witnessed in Castries last Friday.

It is time for this nonsense to stop. On other occasions it is the William Peter Boulevard that is used for people to instal their giant speakers and produce absolute mayhem in the heart of town. St Lucia simply has no class anymore. Anything goes anytime and anywhere.

The commotion on Jeremie Street on Friday afternoons is another eyesore in the capital and one cannot understand why the police is allowing this to continue. School children mixing with adults in the free for all consuming alcoholic beverages: is that what St Lucia is being allowed to become? Who is running St Lucia anyway? Is there no one to say that this is wrong and should not be allowed to continue?

It is time also for the Ministry of Education to enforce regulations that children in school uniform, cannot be seen in places of entertainment like that. It is time the Ministry insists that school children should make their way to their homes immediately after school and not be seen idling all over the place. We cannot allow this to continue and then talk about the deviant behaviour of young people. It is time for St Lucia to take a stand against the wrong things that are going on in our country especially those with serious adverse social consequences. Someone has to up and say enough is enough.

– Phillip Sargusingh

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    Do share the moral canvass
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    Perhaps it is high noon
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