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Hats off to Our P.M.

By Sons and Daughters

SO, the verdict is in: “It was one hell of a slam dunk!”

We’d gathered round the TV set in hopeful anticipation. Before he came on, we had already given him full marks for having his maiden Reporting to the Nation within the promised time period.(Calm down, Rick!). “Good start,” we said, “but, let’s wait for the real thing.”What with all the well-known setbacks arising from the inherited rotten situation… Well, were we ever super impressed and handily proud to have such a leader as Allen Michael Chastanet. It’s both what he said and how he said it. Though his reporting was rightly centred on down-to-earth matters such as policy, planning, current, imminent and future operations, one just could not miss its aspirational nature, the confidence, the simultaneous strength and humility exhibited, and the visible humanity shining through his words surely did not escape any of us.

For some of us, it was the welcome articulateness, the fluency which jumped out at us. We were brimming over with pride. We marvelled at it. He kept going and going, never once sounding or looking in the slightest bit uncomfortable, not missing a beat, and showing that he was on top of every inch of his responsibilities as leader. He fielded every question without any hesitation, but with solid responses and calmness. We appreciated his relaxed demeanour, his conversational delivery style.

Others pointed to his clarity, his thoroughness, never holding back, his transparency. He was totally forthcoming and none of his answers seemed shrouded in bluff.We got the facts and figures at every turn. He was sharp, he was logical, he was intelligent; he was on top of his game. There were as well the instances of humour. Say, who does not enjoy a bit of humour, even in the midst of serious stuff?

We were all thinking the same thing: What a refreshing relief from those painful, uncomfortable deliveries dropped on us from above by the high and mighty, omniscient, former P.M. Kenny D Anthony. What a difference, what a refreshing change. We asked ourselves when, in recalled history, have we had this pleasing, highly successful communication session between a P.M. and reporters. Not from our beloved Compie whose discomfort during interviews was very visible, who was not known for his communication style, who had difficulty looking one in the eye. And certainly not from Kenny and his over-inflated ego, his often sardonic attitude. One always got the impression that we were not getting the truth out of him. And, well, it turns out we weren’t. So, P.M. Chastanet, you hit a six. The nation was bowled over. Keep on that path. It makes us feel good even when the news is not at all so.

It is downright disgraceful that the former Prime minister of this country should deliberately leave you such an array of impediments to have to manoeuvre. The details are incredible. Was his hatred of you, which we saw exhibited at every turn from the time you announced your candidacy, so strong that he would not give a thought to what he was doing to our island, to the country, to the people, to the malaway of this land? To intentionally set in place these stumbling blocks in every direction, to tie the hands of the incoming P.M., to leave him, and by implication the country, vulnerableand defenceless in multiple areas, is undoubtedly criminal.

But, yet again, P.M. Chastanet came out on top, never wallowed in this ungodly act by his predecessor, never tried to score political points, was simply matter-of-fact in his narrative, even managing to show a healthy dose of optimism for the way forward. However, we the viewers and listeners are angrier than ever about the obstacle course that Kenny D Anthony constructed for his successor. This is not an individual who loves his country. A St Lucian who loves his country would and could never bring himself to conjure up such an indecent plot. Once again, we see the hypocritical, disingenuous actions of Dr Anthony.

P.M. Chastanet, we feel for you and the awesome responsibility before you. We thank the Almighty that you are blessed with focus, level-headedness and positivity. Keep it that way, and by the grace of God, you will succeed in conquering the forces of destruction which have put our beloved St Lucia in this dangerous situation. You gave us hope, even faith, when you told us that, despite the depressing situation, you are up to the challenge. We needed to hear that. And we can only wonder how far along we would already be, had you been dealt a decent hand by the last SLP Government, and were able to move as you want, not constrained on all sides by the enemies in your midst, not cash strapped, not having to take on persistent scandals and secret deals done out of greed and self-serving actions. What an egregious deed has been perpetrated on the people of our St Lucia!

Finally, we want to give kudos to the new Communications Director as well as the Press for the competent handling of their respective duties. We venture to say that the members of the Press, with their tough questioning, must have been heartened and relieved that those questions were answered so willingly and fully, and that the atmosphere in the room was so civil. We venture to say that this was probably the most fulfilling, least frustrating interview with any Looshan Prime Minister of our time. The one moment when you correctly showed some flashes of ire, you explained clearly why you did, and spoke to the quality of respect, something which you yourself showed throughout your interview, even when overtly assertive. What a difference!

St Lucians, let us rally wholeheartedly behind our P.M., knowing all that we do about the dastardly legacy bequeathed to us by Dr Kenny D Anthony. Allen Chastanet, you have gained many post-election admirers. Stay positive and continue to keep the faith, as you do what you need to do to fulfil your dream for St Lucia.


    1. ? here is similar speech
      In google search
      Type in
      (Gobbles Cultural Speech)
      It should be a a 29. Seconds clip
      Whenever he says German
      Substitute white
      There you have it
      St Lucia true 100 day speech
      We do not need your further regurgitation of rewarded vomit…….. ?

      1. at the end of the day….he was dully elected to serve as the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia. And how distasteful of you, to equate the PM speech to that of your friend GOBBELS?

        1. Hitler too was duly elected to the Reichstag.
          His strategies are for another discussion.
          Only 52 percent of voters did vote?????????????????
          2/3. Would be convincing
          When the super rich (3rd world standar’s) wrest political power directly instead of from their obscure puppet strings
          Then we have a pseudo OLIGARCY
          and in comes our royal barrier
          TO hail the regent of the cool ial outpost
          And fly the R EGIMENTAL BANNERS
          TO remind the malaway2 God Saves the Queen
          Long may she and Chas Reign or piss3 over us
          Sure leaves a granite taste
          And I am not juggling Josie’s robust Rhone Valley Riesling

    2. .

      Listen to The Criminal Allen lie?

      Listen to the Chastanet Crime Family embarrass our country internationally?

      This little thug, who thinks that our Journalist have no right to question his charade and malfeasance.

      Listen to this ignorant white supremacist manufacture his own demented concept of Black People because of the wealth and labor stolen by this Chastanet Crime Family off the backs of Negro Slaves?

      You brain damaged “Honorary White” Sambos must feel elated and overjoyed that you can show the world that with an island filled with miseducated Negro Sambos, you have found Holy Raquel Tarzan, Mother of the White Boy Jesus to reign as First Lady over all your Negress Christian Wavfett E’glise wives and daughters, to remind you self-hating Negroes that God is THE NAKED WHITE MAN hanging over your beds that your women envision and long for his affection even as you do the humping.

      Here’re your Black wives and daughters begging to get laid by the WHITE KING, while you Negroes like the Sambo Stripper John Wayne beg to get a white jamet to make you an Honorary White somebody.




  1. Although I detest Nazis
    Hitler and Goebbels on MEDS
    remain among the world’s top PERSUASIVE.
    Political Communicators IN MODERN TIME
    Since you did not delve into Any of the key contents of the message
    Then I must conclude that your descrptions of Style And Nuance
    Align fairly well with that of Goebbels Hitlers political snout
    For the Fuhrer2 of UWP

  2. So where were these idiots or idiot (it may be one person using that very emotive phrase just to appeal to our patriotism) when the little Indian was going about insulting our intelligence by not revealing the names of the auditors nor did he find it appropriate to tell us how did he or his government went about selecting those employed to do the auditing?

    How comes son and daughters not bother to put chastanet under scrutiny for the abusive way he reacted when he was asked a very legitimate question (there may be a conflict of interest) by a reporter about the hospitality arrangements for the prince’s visit to the island? Somebody is definitely not speaking the truth. Could it be chastanet, his sister or the reporter? If I could say this: if this incident is anything to go by that thing called freedom of speech and of the press has to be seen as according to His Highness Chastanet. I alway saw him as a bully and unnecessarily aggressive. The danger for the country is the suggestible minds especially the young will take that type of behaviour as ok. The result is plain to see: further degradation of society.

  3. Thank you Mr. Boujon
    When the Euro branch of neandertals ventured off the African warmth and into the misty gloomy freezing north
    They became conditioned with hyper aggressive traits in order to survive their frozen wilderness
    The bear wolf Fox and eagle traits were mimimicked and internalized
    TO the bone if not dna
    Our copycat youth and impressionable children are at risk
    And here comes las Vegas vieuxfort
    Future dinner table conversation
    ” mummy a jammette69 makes more money in an hour than you do as head teller at Scotia Bank in a fortnight. I think at these rates I can retire a millionaire by my 25Th birtday seeing that I have already won two beauty pageants before my 18Th birthday.”

  4. The many intelligent readers and bloggers of the Voice of Saint Lucia have been trying to alert Lucians of the evil character of the Honorary white man who is one of the most self-hating Negroes to be called Lucian. This is a shameless Negro, who after being a naked Stripper giving Lap dances to homosexual Englishmen decided the name Carasco was not “WHITE” enough and took on the Slave Name of Rick John Wayne, naming himself after the homosexual actor John Wayne the Racist.

    This question was just raised by THINK FORWARD:


    Has anyone seen the retraction purportedly put out by Coco Palm 2 days after the original misleading “Press Release” which suggested that Prince Harry would be a guest of the hotel later this year?


    Two weeks later, why is it not on SNO, St. Lucia Times, The Voice, The Mirror, or even the STAR itself? Why has it never been an item on DBS, HTS, CHOICE, MBC, CALABASH, NTN, RSL RCI, HOTFM or any other media entity in St Lucia?

    Did Wayne pull this press release from the UWP’s magical hat which he holds at the STAR?

    By now, you might have heard that Allen Chastanet’s lawyers have served HTS and Rehani Isidore with legal papers.

    The irony of the whole situation is that Rick was the one who advised Rehani to pursue the original press release. Yes?!

    Rehani, thinking Rick Wayne had some journalistic integrity left in him, called Mr Wayne for recommendations on how to approach the story. Little did Rehani know that as soon as he was done with Wayne, that he[Wayne] would call the hotel manager(brother or sister) to alert them that Rehani is pursuing this story. So, if the manager of the hotel had assured Wayne that Prince Harry was not on the list of guests for the hotel and that it was just a case of a badly written press release, was Wayne not under an obligation to get back in touch with the guy(who had sought his help) and advise that there was nothing more to this matter? Instead he led the young journalistic to the Prime Minister who was waiting like a wolf to devour the young man.

    What a shame Rick that you would do that to someone who looked up to you. This is absolutely treacherous.

    Meanwhile, the same Rick Wayne, under the pseudonym “Missy Laneous” has launched an unprovoked attack on Rehani Isidore and Miguel Fevrier in the STAR. How low, even for Rick Wayne!!!

  5. Dassault Mirage: I am so concerned not just about the gambling component of the new project Vieux Fort but also with the whole thrust of Chastanet’s economic preference for the Island. To my mind his bias for tourism will engender and foster nothing but a social environment founded on corruption and deprivation. Yes some will get work as hospitality workers but a great deal won’t but will be left to leech on the fringes of the industry as an underworld of its own where everything illegal and immoral take place. We are talking about the increase presence both in quantity and range of illegal hard drugs – its abuse and trading; all forms sex abuse; exposure to all types of social vice and immorality not to mention the systematic deconstruction of things we have held dear to us like cultural norms and moral codes. They may conflict with visitor attraction and so have to go.

    So if you think the down word spiral of our society have bottomed out I beg to differ so much so that in my view its frankly the beginning of the end of the care free and innocent St Lucia.

  6. Monieur Boujon
    Thanks for adding clarity in seeing the forest for the trees.
    So as the fringe black market mushrooms
    Inflation triggered by both balance of international payments speculative spending away from what real GNP can sustain
    Shall catapult our $ conversion rates to the current Jamaica template
    I feel your concern over this madcap madhatter tourism skewered economic deployment
    StLucia is not the Cayman Islands
    Much thanks again for your clarity

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