Joseph Polius with APMA Chairman Master Benny Chitolie (Photo APMA)
Joseph Polius with APMA Chairman Master Benny Chitolie (Photo APMA)

TWO of St. Lucia’s leading martial artists performed outstandingly at the 2016 North America Federation of Martial Arts World Championship held at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlantic City New Jersey, USA this past weekend.

Under the Association of Professional Martial Artists banner, the two athletes able to train and successfully compete at the event.

According to APMA Chairman and Coach Master Benny Chitolie, the two athletes were well prepared physically and mentally to win and gave an incredible performance at the championships. Zalika Joseph eliminated everyone on her way to winning the Sparring Black Belt Championship. She also placed 2nd in the Kata Division and picked up a bronze medal in the Musical Kata, an event she participated in for the first time.

In the male category Polius also did extremely well winning the Black Belt Sparring Championship and went on to capture 2nd place in the Weapons Kata Division.

Chitolie said: “it is well known that coming from a small island places our athletes at a disadvantage, but I am confident in the preparation that APMA extends to the athletes in both training and personal development. APMA was also impressed to see a number of St. Lucians living in that area of the USA who came out to support the two athletes.”
Chitolie said that the many professional coaches and athletes who were present said, Zalika Joseph was one of the best they had seen and believed she was set to place St. Lucia on the map. During her visit to the USA, Joseph also participated in a week long course in Israeli Combat Shooting and Krav Maga in the state of Arkansas.

Zalika Joseph (Photo APMA)
Zalika Joseph (Photo APMA)

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