20 Sex Cases in Courts This Week Alone

A SNEAK peek into the depth of the problem of unlawful sexual incidents plaguing the country can be seen this week in the high court.

Judges and Masters of the court for this week alone are dealing with about 20 cases of a sexual nature ranging from sex with minors to rape to a charge called unlawful sexual connection.

There’s even an incest case down to be heard today by Master Georgis Taylor-Alexander, an incident that occurred four years ago.

Dominating the list of sexual offences is sexual intercourse with minors, a crime that has grown to alarming proportions in St. Lucia over the past years.

Also of concern is the length of time cases of this nature stay in the courts not only clogging up the system but delaying justice for victims, some of whom are still struggling to come to grips with the agony they went through.

One charge of sexual intercourse with a minor, appears to have been in the courts from as far back as 2006 according to the docket fixture for Justice Margaret Price Findlay. The case is also down to be heard today.

Crimes of a sexual nature have been afflicting the country in recent months with the Commissioner of Police announcing a special unit within the police force to deal with such crimes.

In fact just two months ago police were warning that rapists were not always strangers or anonymous attackers.

They assured vulnerable persons of protection against sex perpetrators saying they will leave no stone unturned in ensuring the protection and safety of the public.

Although not publicizing the strategies they are using to combat the growing threat posed by sex offenders, police have indicated that they have put measures in place to reduce or prevent what they called “such brutal and uncivilized attacks” so as to bring perpetrators to justice.

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