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Francheska Solomon

Image of Francheska Solomon
Francheska Solomon

Our WOTW is a hot one…so much so that her nickname is “Fire Franny”.
Francheska Solomon is a gorgeous radio personality/announcer and TV Presenter who can be heard (and seen on DBS) every week day morning alongside MC Scady Dot P during the Morning Heat on Blazin FM 99.3.

The 24 year is also a Promotional Ambassador for LIME and has always been involved in entertainment from school being the school’s entertainer with her bubbly personality to a stint in modelling, singing. She now also moonlights doing voice adverts and other promotional work on the side.

With so many hats wearing, she says that whilst she does have free time, she takes that free time to prepare for her next move.

Solomon said she has worked extremely hard to be fortunate enough to wear so many hats: “Personally, I used to look towards being where I am now but now that I’m here, I don’t feel like I’m here…I’m looking for the next thing. So I always wonder, does anybody ever feel like they’ve made it? Because every time you speak to someone who says they’re chasing a dream, it’s almost like they never actually catch it because your dream keeps growing.”

Solomon said whilst she has patience, she is her biggest critic especially when it comes to meeting her own personal goals. On the other hand, she says she appreciates her progress and has always taken the necessary steps to get where she wants to be.

She has come to the realisation that everything happens in its own time and so she is in no rush to chase fate. “Progress is a process, you just have to go through it and I’ve been going through it.”

The fiery one proves that age is not a factor when it comes to being a success. She said, “You have to want more for yourself. Sometimes other people see things in you because at certain times in my 24 years, people thought I should have been in a different place than I was but I wasn’t ready, and people have to understand that sometimes”.

On the other hand,Solomon said that whilst the younger generation must continue to push hard to become successes, they and society in general should be more understanding towards them.

Image of Francheska Solomon
Francheska Solomon

Sending a message to the young and unemployed, she said one must remember that every single individual has a different life clock and must live according to their own clock as opposed to looking at the progress of others: “Stick to your time, don’t feel pressured or forced in this space of time, it’s a long process that looks nice from the outside but we all have our personal struggles and I really think it’s just perseverance.”

One extremely admirable aspect of this young lady’s life is her clear passion for the youth, especially young women.

Solomon has proven to be somewhat of a role model to some young women whom she calls “Team Franny”, and she has done so through her positive stance and messages to the team regarding self-esteem, positive thinking and body image (Even my eight year old daughter has vowed that she wants to look and be just like Franny).

When asked why she feels compelled to speak out to and for that group she said it’s because she is just doing what she wishes was done to and for her as a young woman.

She said, “I always felt like I had nobody to represent me as a young woman because I have many positive examples who are much older than we are and sometimes, we look at them and sometimes, you can’t understand them and where they are coming from. You might feel as if they’re just repeating what they heard from somebody else but when I tell them personally that ‘hey, I went through that you know and y’all think that the boy in your life is a king wearing shining armour when he’s only a boy wearing shiny foil. …I just felt that I needed an example and so now if I can be an example to somebody and be the one to tell somebody that this is what it is like before they make their mistake, and I’m not saying that you’re not going to, because we do what we want ultimately; I’m just saying that before you do it, just hear what I have to say.”

When it comes to the welfare of women, Solomon said she is willing to take on any and every case. She said this is because there is a constant battle that women are faced with and have no choice but to fight.

Solomon said, “We forget that ultimately, we are women and as much as we may not like each other or be happy with each other, we have something in common which is our gender.”

She added: “When it comes to women, I just have a soft spot. I take everything personal…every woman’s case is my business. If you’re hurting, I’m hurting too. I cannot come to work on the radio and pretend that I’m OK or I’m happy if I know that last night on the news, I heard about some woman being raped…I cannot pretend that it didn’t happen.”

The women’s advocate was recently named as the newest and youngest addition to “Raise Your Voice St. Lucia” which is an all female group that advocates for the rights and well-being of women and children who are victims of any form of abuse.

She feels honoured to have the opportunity to be part of the group and she dedicates her all to the group including going to court or the police station on behalf of women in need of representation.

She said; “If I feel that there is a woman who is unable to stand up for herself, the police knows that Franny is the one coming in to make the case because sometimes we need it and we need to see where our sister doesn’t have a voice and we can raise that voice for her and that when she cannot take a step, we will take that step for her. We need to start doing that more often.”

Solomon was happy to announce that even men are beginning to see the strength of women in unity and are now receiving the message loud and clear that women are not to be messed with.

Now as always, I probe to find secrets of our WOTW and dear Franny gave us two. People would be surprised to find out that the “Franny from Blazin” is a brave mask but in reality, Francheska Solomon is an extremely shy and reserved individual who likes nothing more but to remain in small circles away from noise and crowds…Imagine THAT!!!

Another secret is that Solomon is a lifelong nail biter who has gnawed her fingernails down to stubs. She said, “It is as a result of nothing. People have tried to link it to lots of things but I bite my nails. When you see them in pictures and everything, they’re false ones for photo shoots but…I bite my nails.”

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