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WOMAN OF THE WEEK – Petra Auguste

Petra Auguste
Image of Petra Auguste
Petra Auguste

Our WOTW is one of a certain group that I definitely raise my hat to and I have nothing but respect for ……a teacher.

Petra Auguste who is originally from Marchand is the first born of six children who started teaching at the tender age of 15.

Auguste went on to teach at the primary school level for 15 years but then decided to follow her dreams and her passion with the added benefit of being her own boss by starting her own preschool called the Early Childhood Education Centre in Gros Islet.

The educator who sees herself generally as a humorous person who laughs a lot, also considers herself to be a good friend and listener which is most certainly an asset in her line of work.
Auguste said she wanted to express herself and love for children and with her training, this was the ideal next step for her.

The education centre was opened in 1991.

Auguste said: “Since then it has really been an adventure and a journey and I’ve learnt so much. I’ve met so many different people and a lot of my children who started off with me are now grown-ups and some of them even have children who come to me. So I have really developed a passion for what I continue to do.”
People, she said, feel comfortable coming to her for solace and advice.
One quality that she failed to mention is her modesty as Auguste has made it her duty to go above and beyond the call of duty for the children of the nation with her healthy lifestyle initiative involving a Barney style character called Chief Tree.

The character, she said, was created to curb diabetes and obesity in children and would teach the children to eat healthily.

Auguste said: “At our school, we began promoting healthy lifestyles by encouraging them to not come to school with junk in their lunch bags. We are seeking to develop a nation of healthier children, more productive citizens and generally to assist in curbing non communicable diseases.”
One thing that not many people will know about Auguste is that whilst on the outside, she is seen as a tough and strong woman, she is really nothing but a big marshmallow behind closed doors.
Revealing her hilarious secret, Auguste said: “Guess what? I watch movies on television and I cry. I cry a lot when the actors are crying.”

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