St. Lucian Author In Commonwealth’s ‘River of Stories’

Nahdjla Carasco Bailey

Nahdjla Carasco Bailey

AUTHOR, educator and trainer, NahdjlaCarasco Bailey, has received official news from the Chairman of the Commonwealth Education Trust that the story Call of the Birds from her popular anthology “Telling Tales from Saint Lucia” has been chosen for inclusion in the Trust’s anthology A RIVER OF STORIES (Volume 3 – Air), one of four companion anthologies on the complementary themes of Water, Earth, Air and Fire.

Each volume contains a story from every one of the 53 Commonwealth countries with colour illustrations throughout. The people of the Commonwealth represent one-third of the world population and one-quarter of its total land mass.

Mrs Bailey’s selection represents the island of Saint Lucia as one of the 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

In a letter to Mrs. Bailey, Chairman of the Commonwealth Education Trust Judith Hanratty said the four volumes will be launched at the end of March. They will be available individually, and as a box set, and also as e-books.

Commenting on the project, she said: “ Despite their massive geographic, demographic, social and cultural differences, the countries of the Commonwealth are united through their common values. In publishing A RIVER OF STORIES, the Trust seeks to build on those common values through stories, poems and illustrations that bring alive to young people, the amazing diversity of the Commonwealth and the importance of its people understanding and caring for their natural resources.”

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