A newly elected executive for the Vieux Fort South Youth and Sports Council headed by Sherma Charles has promised to raise the level of sports in the town during its term in office.

Charles, who lamented “the direction” which she said the youth in Vieux Fort were taking said she had been disappointed, “because I know there is lot that could be done to motivate, redirect and develop the youth”.

She added: “The previous executives have tried and this present cadre of individuals, have volunteered our services and will try and get them where we expect them to go”.

Charles said the main objective of the new executive was to try to refine some of the groups that once existed in Vieux Fort. She added: “Our sports is not active as it used to be. We have basketball, football and netball tournament ongoing. As a council we have a number of young people who are no longer interested in those events, the interest is dying. If we devise more innovative ideas and try and get them involved we could get Vieux Fort South back to where it used to be in sports in St. Lucia. We also intend to have a series of workshops specifically dealing with leadership”.

She plans to work closely with the Youth and Sports Officer responsible for the South, Marcia Dolor. Charles said: “We are working very closely, we are a listening executive, and we listen to other committees and councils as well. We like getting ideas. Mrs. Dolor is doing a good job by assisting us with information that we need. So far we are pleased with the feedback we are getting and most importantly we are seeing a number of clubs showing interest in the way forward”

Charles said a week ago the new executive was officially introduced to the public, adding that the event was well attended. “Now that the young people have seen what we’re bringing to them, things will fall into place very soon. We are still in the investigating mode at present learning what is needed and trying to see how far we can get other organizations to work closely with us”

The other officers of the Council are: Vice President – Kera Delices, General Secretary – Shailer Gray, Deputy Secretary – Sovia Henry, Treasurer Lisa Albert, Public Relation – Loric Etienne, Marion Antoine, Trustees – Gerjarna James and Jeff Jeffery.

Anthony De Beauville is The VOICE Publishing Company’s multi-award winning sports journalist. He works closely with a number of sports federations including the Department of Youth Development and Sports, the Saint Lucia Olympic Committee and other organizations.

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