Mon Repos Runs 5K Race In Honourof Fallen Member

THE Grass Street Youth and Sports Club of Mon Repos will on Saturday stage its inaugural 5 kilometre road race starting from 6:30 a.m. in honour of one of its members Kevin Malcolm who passed away in June of 2014 from cancer.

According to one of the organizers Nyo Serieux, the 21 year old Malcolm came from extremely humble beginnings. He was a popular young man with great character who was held in high regard by his peers and adults alike. Malcolm was an active member and supporter of the Grass Street Youth and Sports Club participating in several sporting events.

Serieux said, “Kevin was compassionate about sports and an avid distance runner. He was also a hard worker and the oldest of five children. He was often the caretaker to his siblings. He was determined to make a name for himself and assist his mother with caring for his siblings by seeking out career opportunities. This led to Kevin making the unselfish choice to leave his family and take advantage of an employment opportunity in the cruise ship industry”.

Serieux continued; “This event will not only highlight Kevin’s love for sports and family, but also encourage members of the community to run or walk in honour of any other family member who has passed on while bringing the community together.”

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He said, the goals are – (1) to use this event to create a scholarship fund for a member of the graduating class of the Mon Repos Combined School (criteria to be decided). (2) Inaugural grant will go to Kevin Malcolm’s younger brother.

(3) To revive distance running in the community as it is the race format that Mon Repos as a community has seen the greatest success and (4) To expose members of the community to the health benefits of distance running.

The event will start near the Mon Repos Community Centre then head north towards Praslin, turn left at the junction with Castries -Vieux Fort Highway, head up Mon Repos Highway to Lumbard Junction, right into Lumbard, through to junction of Lumbard road connecting to Knockey Avenue, Run through Knockey Avenue to Junction with Castries – Vieux Fort Highway, north up highway to gas station junction, into Mon Repos at gas station junction, through Mon Repos to end on the Mon Repos Playing Field.

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