CLARKE AGAIN – Retains VFCSS Sports Title

Photos by Anthony De Beauville
Photos by Anthony De Beauville

THERE was no stopping Clarke House at the annual Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School Campus B Inter House Track and Field Championships held at the George Odlum Stadium on Thursday.

The event which took place under a scorching sun and a strong westerly breeze saw Clarke House compile a whooping 723 points, only a close 9 points clear from second place finisher Walcott House with 714 points. Lewis House amassed 711 points and Augier House 632 points.

By the look of things the participating athletes representing the four houses gave it their all in their bid for places on the school’s team for this year’s Inter Secondary Schools Championships slated for March 16 – 20 at the Beausejour Cricket Ground.

There were many notable performances. In the Girls 600m Div. 4 1st place went to Britanya St. Prix (Walcott) in 1 minute 53.75 seconds. The Boys 600m Div. 4 was won by Asa Francis (Clarke) in 1 minute 51.32 seconds.

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The Girls 800m Div. 3 was won by Stephanie Toussaint (Lewis) in 2 minutes 41.19 seconds), the Boys 800m. Div. 3 winner was Carlos Louis (Clarke) in 2 minutes 25.78 seconds, the Girls 800m Div. 2 was won by Tonisha Hilton (Lewis) in 2 minutes 43.06 seconds, and the Boys 800m. Div 2 by Ibio Sealy (Lewis) in 2 minutes 02.62 seconds.

The Girls 200m. Div. 3. Event was won by Kimani Alphonse (Augier) in 25.02 seconds), the Boys 200m. Div. 3 went to D’Aranagher Stanislaus (Lewis) in 24.56 seconds), the Girls 200m. Div. 2 was won by Merissa Maurice (Clarke) in 27.31 seconds), the Boys 200m Div. 2 went to Julian Celise (Walcott) in 23.07 seconds.

KervyGoulab (Lewis) won the Girls 1500m. Div. 2 in 6 minutes 23.81 seconds;,Nyrone Winter (Augier) won the Boys 1500m Div. 2 in 4 minutes 39.84 seconds. The Girls 80m Div. 4 went to Asha Joseph (Walcott) in 11.00 seconds) and the Boys 80m Div. 4 was won by JahleemFlavien (Walcott) 10.03 seconds).

The Girls 100m Div. 3 event was won by Kimani Alphonse (Augier) in 12.31 seconds), the Boys 100m Div. 3 by Marlon Hercules (Augier) in 11.18 seconds); the Girls 100m Div. 2 went to DerniceJn Baptiste (Clarke) in 12.97 seconds) and the Boys 100m Div. 2 to Julian Celise (Walcott) in 10.00 seconds.

The most talked about relay races saw Clarke winning four of the 11 events run on the day: Girls 4x100m Div. 4 was won by Lewis in 1 minute 00.52 seconds), the Girls 4x100m Div. 3 by Augier in 56.81 seconds, the Girls 4x100m Div 2. by Lewis in55.37 seconds, the Boys 4x100m Div. 4 by Walcott in 56.41 seconds, the Boys 4x100m Div. 3 by Clarke in 49.15 seconds, the Boys 4x100m Div. 2 by Clarke in 45.81 seconds), the Girls 4x300m Div. 4 by Clarke in 3 minutes 30.19 seconds, the Boys 4x300m Div. 4 by Walcott in 3 minutes 26.59 seconds, the Girls 4x400m Div. 3 by Augier in 5 minutes 12.34 seconds, the Girls Div. 2 4x400m Div. 2 by Lewis in 4 minutes 37.98 seconds and the Boys 4x400m Div. 2 by Clarke in 3 minutes 46.19 seconds.

Reflecting on the meet afterwards coordinator for the VFCSS Kenneth Antoine told THE VOICE: “It was the best championships we have had in recent times. Never have we seen the actual championships depending on the relay races. Normally after the lunch time break one would have determined who was going to win. Originally after the field events Walcott was up front, then we added the road race and it was Lewis. Clarke House was nowhere on the card and for the past 30 years Augier was always at the bottom of the table; but one needs to commend them this time around for a major improvement”.

Asked what sort of preparation the athletes had coming into the championships, Antoine replied: “That is a difficult question. We had two categories of students here today. You have students training with their respective clubs and those training on their own. The programme at the VFCSS is not what it ought to have been, but we are determined to correct that because we see the other schools catching up with us. Last year was no exception a the Inter Schools finals where we got an wake up call”.

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