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NWU Awaits Reinstatement of Pay for RCI Employees

Johann M Harewood

Secretary General of the National Workers Union, Johann Harewood, has disclosed that the National Workers Union (NWU) is awaiting a crucial industrial relations decision from the Department of Labour.

A few months ago workers employed with Radio Caribbean International (RCI) made a report to the NWU of a decision executed by the company that negatively affected their wages. The NWU engaged the company and made it abundantly clear that the decision was ill-advised and did not have the permission of the Department of Labour.  This matter, having remained unresolved, caused the union to seek the intervention of officials from the Department of Labour.

Conciliatory Meetings were held with the Department of Labour, the NWU and the Management of RCI on May 11, 2022. Upon conclusion the Department gave the assurance that the appropriate recommendation would be forthcoming at the earliest.  The union is still awaiting the written decision from the Department of Labour.

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