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Institutions Enhance the Quality of Life

“The reality, I hate to say this, is that we spend so much time trying to be accepted into other spaces that we don’t spend much time building spaces of our own. This is a significant issue in The Black Community.” Dr. Boyce Watkins

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Just out of the gates before I get down to the problems of surviving in this chaotic world, let me take this opportunity to congratulate our Prime Minister, Honourable Philip J. Pierre and his Cabinet Colleagues for their first year of service to the people of St. Lucia. The stage is now set legislatively to bring about the level of progress we need in our country. We have begun to do things differently and we can only expect this trend to continue in the ensuing years.

There is a lot to be done and it is for us to be supportive of the initiatives that will continue to emerge. I believe that the next pillar on which our Government should be looking at is building social and cultural institutions that will lift the standards among our citizens and help to alleviate crime. There must be a better way. We must put idle minds and hands to work. ”A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” This was part of a campaign slogan used by the United Negro College Fund in 1972 in the USA to drive home the point of the necessity for education. Let us apply EDUCATION in the broadest sense in all aspects of our endeavours.

As I was about to write my column, I opened my email account to see if there was any information that I could have added to spice up my column, only to discover an email drawing to my attention that someone fraudulently attempted to process a request for US$400.00 from my debit card. Also, among the set of unread emails was a newsletter from Scambusters reporting a number of scams that are turning up every day in the USA, and no doubt will spill over to the rest of the world. I feel compelled to warn my readers to be very careful in responding to companies offering assistance or informing persons about free money offered by Government under some type of grant programme.

Take time to read all emails and investigate whenever there is the slightest suspicion, regarding any information that reaches your inbox. Our beautiful island has not escaped fraudulent behaviour as persons try to extract monies from private individuals under false pretences. It makes sense to keep the term in mind – Buyer Beware.

Lots of moves are taking place in the political and financial spaces of the world. We see an ease in the Russia and Ukraine situation where shipments of grain are allowed to pass through the shipping channel while nothing is being mentioned about the cessation of the war. Lives are being lost every day and people are suffering severe hardships. It is time to bring this chaotic situation to an end.

Climate Change is currently a hot topic, the reality of which can no longer be ignored. Something has to be done and done with urgency to bring relief to the fires, heat waves and flooding affecting many nations.

In recent weeks many persons have died due to high temperatures (heat waves). There is need for leadership on this issue. It will take more than talking about the issues of Climate Change. It is time for action. The USA should be taking the lead on this issue of crisis proportion but unfortunately is locked in Senate debates that are causing a pause, rather than an advancement to tackle the issues that need immediate attention.

It has been two years of push back on some of the most crucial initiatives that will advance developments on this front. Will the midterm elections change anything? I don’t think so but only time will tell.

There is serious turbulence in the financial markets and a major disruption is ahead of us in the coming months. The news coming from the Gurus on financial matters are not encouraging. Start reading up on Crypto-currencies, Options, NFTs, etc.; you may not have money invested in stocks and bonds or digital currencies; however, you need to know what is going on in the markets. My recommendation is to stay away from complex transactions.

There is increased concern at the World Health Organisation (WHO) about the possible increase in infection of COVID 19, and the presence of Monkeypox. It is scary but all these things are happening at a time when the world needs to be united and not divided as is currently the case. Whether it is Climate Control or Disease Control, we need a coming together of the minds to solve the problems that are definitely impeding global progress.

I wish my readers and friends everywhere who feel the spirit of FREEDOM, a Happy Emancipation Day 2022. Let us begin to build institutions that will enlighten our people and give them hope.

Stay safe. Blessings!

Edward Harris
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