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Things Change Around Us but We Still Live a Life of Yesteryear

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By Carlton Ishmael

It amazes me when I hear educated people sharing information that they should be able to analyze because of being educated. For example, when you hear such comments like “Government is doing nothing to help the people deal with the rising cost of living,” that is not true. They are very aware of world affairs and the impact that the most recent pandemic has had on people worldwide, as well as the present war in Ukraine as it relates to food and commodities coming from overseas.

They know very well that there are shortages everywhere and the crisis is global. They also know that most of the Government’s moneys come from taxes, loans or obtaining grants, they are fully aware of the borrowing status of this island and the amount of squandering that existed throughout the reign of the last administration in office, yet they talk rubbish.

They hear, they see, they read, they notice, they all talk about going online for information, in other words they are fully aware where things stand, yet they persist in talking rubbish just because they oppose this present regime.

They can see the differences in policies, they know what has been done to date, but they always have to find a justification to think and talk negative.

Most of our troubles have been created through bad management in the past, for instance in the case of the unfinished hospital in the South, they are aware that it was because of playing political football that the situation is as is, as well as spending monies on race tracks with no horses, yet they bray.

They know that money borrowed have not always been used for its intended use but it seems to matter not. They know of the bad deals such as the paying up-front for vaccines that the state never got is part of such reasons, yet you hear the usual grumbles.

We live a life of yesteryear. We know that we as a people should be more careful as it relates to not getting the Covid virus, yet we see how people still violate every needed protocol, everybody doing as they please. We know the price of gas at the pumps, but we still drive to nowhere liming; we all know about the supermarket price hikes, yet we still living a life of ‘pa-maylay’.

Now the big talk and request is that all employers should offer all their staff a pay hike to help them deal with price increases, will more pay result in greater productivity?

Do sensible and educated persons really think that this is the way to go? Do they want every Government of the day to offer safety nets for everyone and everything, even though many pay no taxes?

I am baffled as to how we come to such conclusions and wonder if self-control should not be the new reality. If we do not deal with the problems as is, who do we expect to do it for us? Even though we change the Government or not, in my opinion, if we do not have a different mindset, things will remain the same.

The so-called blame game has no merit, we have to begin to call a spade a spade, put the blame wherever it really belongs and we have to see things as they really are. False pronouncements or taking sides because it is the usual normal thing to do will not solve or address our national concerns.

We all have the freedom to migrate or seek a fortune elsewhere, as has been done in the past, but be aware this crisis is not a St. Lucian thing, but a worldwide crisis, so please think before you talk and criticize and start to see things as they really are. The yellows blame the reds, the reds blame the yellows, but we do not seem to blame ourselves for the situation we now confront.

If we are crime-ridden we are the cause because it is our sons and daughters causing the havoc. If prices are going sky-high, it is our merchants selling all the goods and commodities, as well as the service, and if we remain tolerant we also are the ones to blame; and if we choose to remain divided along party lines, how will we ever see the light?

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