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Gang Investigations Unit Established in Saint Lucia

It has long been speculated that Saint Lucia’s current crime situation is largely a result of gang culture within the community. Recently, the island has seen an increase in violent crimes, with many of the young men falling victim to gun violence. Today, a new unit has been established within the ranks of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force charged with combating this menace.

According to an official release from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, over the last two decades the illegal activities of criminal gangs have had a devastating impact on the country’s social and economic infrastructure. Consequently, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in accordance with its Standing Orders has established a Gang Investigations Unit, with the main purpose of restricting the influence of criminal gangs and stopping their illicit activities. This is as a result of consultations with key stake holders on the ongoing violent gang conflict currently affecting the entire nation.

The Gang Investigation Unit, will provide the necessary support and impetus for initiating enforcement of the Anti-Gang Act along with the associated legislations, for the suppression of widespread and serious out-breaks of violent crime and illicit activities perpetrated by criminal gangs. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force looks forward to working with all community members in its effort at suppressing gang related crime.

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