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ECCO Calls Out Festival Over Unpaid Fees

The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organisation for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc. is a society of writers & publishers of music. Through reciprocal agreements with Collective Management Organisations (CMOs), throughout the world (also called ‘societies’), ECCO represents and can license virtually the whole world-wide repertoire of copyright music for public performance, broadcast, cable transmission, online and mobile use.

During the St. Kitts Music Festival press conference held today 23rd June, 2022 at the St. Kitts Marriott Hotel, the Chair of the festival committee Mr. Damion Hobson stated in response to a question regarding licensing “Every year we pay ECCO the license fee, so that is not an issue.” We wish to state that the St. Kitts Music Festival has not yet settled its balance for 2019, and has yet to conclude the licensing agreement for this year’s event that starts today 23rd June 2022.

At the point of this statement, ECCO representatives have not been granted access to monitor the 2022 performances. Failing to pay the 2019 St. Kitts Musical Festival license fees has meant that rights holders of musical works performed at the Music Festival have not received their royalties for that event. Royalty distribution is based on the receipt of licensing fees.

Other major events held in the OECS that are licensed by ECCO with ease are as follows:

• WCMF Dominica
• St. Lucia Jazz Festival
• Mercury Beach St. Lucia
• Lucian Carnival
• Vincy Mas

ECCO wishes to inform the public, rights holders, and other stakeholders that we will continue to do what is necessary to protect music rights.

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