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Australian man claims he’s Queen’s grandson — and heir to her throne

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While Buckingham Palace is on edge about the rest of the thus-far-failed Royal Caribbean Charm Offensive, an Australian press report suggests Her Majesty may have yet another Royal Family problem, this time involving her first son Charles and his wife Camilla.

Like the recent sex scandal involving her second son Andrew for who she settled a huge but undisclosed out-of-court payment involving alleged under-aged sex claims by an American woman he claimed he never knew or met, this case involves allegations of another much-earlier royal sex encounter.

The Headline: Prince Charles & Camilla’s ‘secret Aussie son’ shares ‘undeniable’ new photo ‘proof’ in royal DNA case.

The Subhead: Queensland grandfather has been fighting for decades to prove his royal love child claims.

The Reporter: Amy Sinclair of Australia’s 7 News TV

The Big Story

The Queensland man who believes he is Prince Charles and Camilla’s ‘Aussie son’ has shared a new piece of evidence in a bid to prove his royal paternity claims.

Simon Dorante-Day has attracted headlines around the world with his love child case, which he says are the result of decades of research…

Now a new photo comparison of a younger Dorante-Day alongside the Queen has caught the attention of royal watchers, with many noting the “mirror image” resemblance.

Since being shared on social media, hundreds have reacted to the “unique similarities” between Dorante-Day, 56, and Her Majesty.

“Hairline same. Eyebrows same. Noses same. Eye shape same,” said one.

Another wrote: “Absolutely! No doubt with this comparison.”

A third said: “The eyebrows and their position above your eyes are another mirror image.”

Added one more: “The shape of the face on the sides and the bottom are very similar, and unique. That’s what struck me the most.”

Others said they believed the new photo comparison strengthened Dorante-Day’s case.

“I’ve no doubt in my mind that you are related,” one Facebook user said.

Added another: “Those jolly genes are having a merry old time. At all ages/stages, there is undeniable very strong likeness to your biological family.”

Dorante-Day has been fighting to have Prince Charles and Camilla legally submit to a DNA paternity case since 2018.

“I went public with my claims in the 1990s and sent out my first official release in 2005,” he tells 7NEWS.com.au.

“My first court case was in 2018 and my legal battles continue to this day. I won’t rest until I have Charles and Camilla submit to a paternity test, as per a court order.

“I want to do this the right way, so that my family and I can finally get the answers we deserve.”

Dorante-Day says photo comparisons help him with his legal case.

“A picture speaks a thousand words,” he said.

“The courts consider physical similarities and genetic traits when looking at paternity cases, especially when DNA tests are not readily available.

“I am also really moved when ordinary people see photos of myself and my children alongside members of the royal family and see similarities on their own — that so many people can see it…

“Of course, I have a lot more proof than just photographs to back up my claims – and all of my research is checkable and readily accessible.

“I am just a man who started looking for my biological parents and every road lead me back to Charles and Camilla.”

The Case: Simon Dorante-Day has provided these claims to support his belief that he is Charles and Camilla’s son:

Dorante-Day was born on April 5, 1966, in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the UK.

At the age of eight months, he was adopted by a local couple named Karen and David Day. His adoptive grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowlden, had both worked for the Queen and Prince Philip in one of their royal households. Ernest Bowlden also received an Imperial Service Award.

Dorante-Day’s grandmother told him many times that he was Camilla and Charles’ child. “She didn’t just hint at it, she told me outright,” he said.

Dorante-Day’s research has shown him that Charles and Camilla first became close in 1965. He claims months later, in the lead-up to when he was born, Camilla disappeared from Britain’s social scene for at least nine months, while Charles was sent to Australia.

A historian has claimed the hospital where Dorante-Day was born – as listed on his birth certificate – didn’t deliver a single baby during the decade he was born. It’s further believed that the names the parents listed on his birth certificate were “fictitious”.

Dorante-Day claims Camilla kept him until he was eight months old, using the royals and protection officers to help conceal him. He goes on to allege that when he was getting too old, it was arranged that one of the Queen’s former house staff – Dorante-Day’s adoptive grandmother – would have her daughter adopt him.

Dorante-Day said he has recollections of being taken to houses around Portsmouth as a little boy. There he would spend time with the woman he believes was Camilla, while protection officers and his adoptive parents waited outside.

Dorante-Day said his first and middle name – Simon Charles – were given to him by his biological parents. “My adoptive mother told me that it was a condition of the adoption that my name – Simon Charles – stay the same, my middle name stay the same,” he said. “Charles and Camilla had a close friend called Simon at the time.”

The Back Story: The story was first published on April 5, to coincide with his 56th birthday and if a DNA paternity test is agreed to by Charles and Camilla and Mr Dorante-Day’s story proves true, it would mean that the Australian citizen would be Charles’ first son.

The Royal Problem: If Mr Durante’s claims prove true, he will be next in line to sit on the Royal Throne after Charles — and not Prince William.

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  1. You do realize you are incorrect. IF this man is related and that is 99.9% doubtful, he will never be in line for the throne. The rules of succession state that any child who was born out of wedlock (ergo illegitimate cannot sit on the throne), since they married later, it may legitimize his birth but not the circumstances. Also the first 6 people in line to throne must ask the Queen for permission to marry, this man has been married twice and no such permission was sought or given. Fact remains giving this man even two bits of air time is feeding into his fantasy. As reporters, I beg of you to do the research required before printing the words of this man. It’s called Fact Checking!!

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