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The Lethal Implications of COVID-19

By James Edwin

Any administration which fails to adequately address the COVID situation is in for a rude awakening.  Both home and abroad the greater part of the various populations are not inclined to take the vaccine and this places enormous pressure on all current administrations as on one hand we are refusing to abide by what has been proven to save lives and livelihoods, while on the other hand we are demanding jobs and salaries. 

How unreasonable are we when revenues are down 50% plus. Countries which can assist us financially will soon lose their appetite to assist based on our decadent behaviour, consequently, we need to quickly reconsider our decision relating to the vaccination programme.  Industrialized nations like Japan have suffered the consequences by being forced to change several Prime Ministers within a couple years based on COVID related measures rendering discontentment at all levels.  By nature, human beings were not designed to be incarcerated, therefore, demonstrations will prevail, and governments will fall.  St. Lucia will be no different particularly as our COVID cases are spiralling and persons are dying.

This is very serious and places the nation in a difficult situation. Further, the current administration will soon encounter severe financial difficulties similar to what has transpired in Antigua this week by civil servants being placed on notice for salary cuts, eventually filtering down to the ordinary man.  Three days ago, the Grenada PM announced a 14-day lockdown as COVID cases are spiralling while five deaths were recorded in one day.

The region is encountering serious challenges and since the virus will undoubtedly be around for some time, dramatic changes must be adopted, but the question remains: Are we ready and willing to recognize and adopt the necessary changes?

Business entities which have been operating marginally for 18 months are likely to experience deeper challenges precipitating greater layoffs and further reducing government contributions, in other words, a chain reaction gains momentum.  Finally, in light of the unusual times, government should desist from their aggressive actions of dismissing public sector employees and halting projects which were already financed, placing undue pressure on construction workers and businesses relying on sales during these difficult times. We simply don’t have the luxury for any political gimmickry at this time.

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