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Election 2021 Update: Red Down South

Vieux Fort South incumbent Dr. Kenny Anthony will represent his constituents once again as he was voted back as their representative.

Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

Former National Security Minister and United Workers Party pick, Hermangild Francis lost to the veteran politician by 1563 votes.

Dr. Anthony has been Prime Minister of Saint Lucia since 2011, a post he held from 1997 to 2006. As leader of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, he was Leader of the Opposition from 2006 to 2011 and returned to office as Prime Minister on 30 November 2011 following the 2011 election.  He stepped down as political leader of the SLP in 2016.


  1. Dr Anthony is now what a well aged wine is to a good toast of triumph in the SLP 2021 St.Lucia election victory

    If Dr. Anthony comes as one of the repairers of the gash ripped into the economic, political,and humanitarian flesh of the island and its people, then, St.Lucians must all put their shoulders to the toil along with this worthy son of the soil to repair and renovate our island home.

  2. So, who,s the boss? as it is said, the child is become the father of the man.
    Dr. Anthony I trust that you are the Man we look forward to to put order in the Ranks, and in the House. I don,t expect now to have anymore walking out – during a debate – remember? we,ve all grown up now, right? but I can smell something and it don,t smell too good.
    Dr. Anthony, lets not play games here, this can come back to bite both you and PiP in a hurry. We know Hiliere is your good Buddy, but I smell that, that alliance between him and Fredrick can wreck things for you all. Just as it did for UWP having that certain person, no need to mention. Dr. Anthony, be the big man there, for St. Lucia, with His blessings.

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