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Election 2021 Update: Emma wins Soufriere

A total of 2499 votes for the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s Soufriere candidate Emma Hippolyte was enough for her to defeat the incumbent Herod Stanislaus and in the process handing the Saint Lucia Labour Party another constituency in this year’s general election.

Emma Hippolyte
Emma Hippolyte

Hippolyte and Stanislaus keenly contested the Soufriere seat which saw the Labour Party woman rising to the occasion and edging her opponent by 65 votes.

Hippolye is a former Government Senator, 2007 to 2011 and a Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Gros Islet 2011 – 2016.

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  1. Welcome Ms. Hippolyte, a native daughter of the beautiful town of Soufriere. You’re at home there and no stranger to your folks. That was a close one, but a victory just the same. Soufriere have not changed, one term in, next time out, that’s Soufriere for you. I trust you’ll do well, trusting in the Lord; but remember this, the ‘Times we’re living in right now’ are not normal. See what’s going on all over the world. You’re living on a ROCK sticking out of the Sea, I don’t want to be an alarmist – but keep praying, as He said, He can come like a thief in the night – that little Church on Church Street, is where I made my first Communion, and I cherish the moment. All whom I knew have gone, but I hope young ALEXANDER is still around. God Bless

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