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Magnum to Award Winners a Million dollars in Spice’s Go Down Deh Caribbean Dance Challenge

As dancehall diva Spice revels in the success of her hit ‘Go Down Deh’, the artiste is also happy to announce that she is adding a crafty touch for her Caribbean fans to be tied to the single. At her recent re- signing to power brand Magnum Tonic Wine, Spice said she will take to social media with a new dance challenge where winners will be awarded a share of one million Jamaican dollars, courtesy of Magnum Tonic Wine.

“Brand Manager of Domestic Export for Magnum, Selah Morales- Thompson handing spice her welcoming cheque as her gift for her “Go Down Deh” dance challenge at her re-signing ceremony in Kingston

The Magnum ‘Go Down Deh’ dance challenge is the first project on the calendar for the Spice and Magnum Tonic Wine brand partnership. Spice mentioned that only electrifying things happen when she collaborates with Magnum and gave a sneak peek into what fans can anticipate. “There is always something exciting to look forward to in any Spice collaboration with Magnum. The first to come is a social media dance challenge to my latest hit song ‘Go Down Deh’. There will be frequent appearances across social media channels with Ding Dong, the other Magnum Tonic Wine ambassador. We have a summer jingle coming up, Magnum Spice it Up Season Three, and other fun activities,” Spice explained.

The competition will last for two weeks and be hosted on the digital pages of Magnum Tonic Wine and Spice. Contestants aged 18 years or older in the Caribbean, should submit their videos incorporating the ‘Go Down Deh’ dance moves and Magnum into their entries. The breakdown of the million-dollar prize, is as follows: 1st place- $500,000, 2nd place- $300,000, 3rd place- $200,000.

Spice says she is ecstatic about the song and its popularity on the charts. “A lot of effort went into this song and I’m very excited about how it’s doing so far. The song is vibrant so I want to see some brilliant entries and I can only tell the dancers to do their best and bring it. Who knows you just might make Team Spice if you go hard enough,” she said.

The brand’s regional Marketing Manager for the Caribbean, Kamal Powell, shared his views on the competition, “Spice is amazing and Magnum is happy to partner with her on this project, I know it will do well,” he said.

‘Go Down Deh’ was premiered three weeks ago on May 1, 2021. On the track is Spice featuring recording artistes Shaggy and Sean Paul. The song is currently ranked number eleven on Trending Music for YouTube and has surpassed nine million views.

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