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There are remedies for the present to minimise the perils of tomorrow!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Depending on what eyes you look from, you may see what you were meant to see, but not the true reality, except, of course, if you wash your eyes regularly.

For example, Independence gives the government, and by extension the state, a chance to highlight all the niceties and moments of success of our people and country, as well as the splendor of our land. No doubt, some of the images are captivating and is worth it’s merit. But behind those boastful images is a layer of still waters not captured in the imagery. There is a reality of doom and gloom, some wondering when their savings will run-out, others wondering where will the next job come from.

Every day brings another death, either from the violence in the society or from complicated health issues, now compounded with deaths from COVID-19 and Dengue.

The reality on the ground is very different from all of the most recent features. Some things in life are not predictable, but equally there are signs that forecast the future. However, there are also remedies for the present, as you seek to minimise the perils of tomorrow. But it is the inaction and the lack of the announcement of a particular direction ‘For Tomorrow’ that keeps me perplexed.

We cannot fool ourselves or allow us to be fooled by believing that we will be any time soon returning to what was yesterday, and the images of yesterday will fulfill our tomorrows. Granted, there may be a lot of food or essential services available, but without money to purchase them, we are still in a bind.

In this blessed hour of need plenty have been wasted on a selected few, concrete structures line our Country from north to south, from airports to hospitals, roadways to bridges, all being done in the name of progress, while we hope and wait to see that brighter tomorrow even though it is on hungry bellies.

If I know the culture of political deceit, a lot of it will be used in the coming months, promises and pledges will come, there will be meals on some tables and backyard contractors will be lined-up for a trip or a contract of some sort, as long as they are in the loop.

It is a crucial time for deciding and there are lots to ponder about. Manipulation will be heightened and egos will be inflated while we are asked to choose sides that we think will make it better. Neither tells us how they will deal with our first needs being able to put food on our tables, nobody is telling us what is the move to earn so we can pay our bills.

There are no discounts given so as to lower the cost of goods and services, but all are fighting for our support and hoping that we will be there for them even though at present they are not there for us.

We need to survive these times and the emphasis has to be on people, not things. Physical, mental and financial needs are our present necessities. Whatsoever is derailed from your previous plan can be put on hold, material ambitions can be pursued later, but for us to enjoy it, we must survive now.

Spend and waste if you must on us, but it is not good to see or know that money is spent on corporate establishments while we are at the brink of starvation.

Income support should not be a far-fetched idea in these times; offering food stamps to the elderly and disabled people should not be considered ‘not the norm’, retired persons who are still skilled should be employed part-time (if not full time) so they too can meet their medical bills. Where there is agricultural and available land, certain planting projects should be started so as to ensure the people are fed. We could go back to natural playing fields, so persons can be employed to care for them, as well as earn a living.

Ganja decriminalization as well as legalized status, can help the local and international industry and open new economic doors.

We need the government to come down to earth, see things from a ‘roots’ prospective, get to understand the needs of the common folk – and then, and only then, we can make it.

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