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SLP Squanders Its Legitimacy

By Edwin James

It is an acceptable fact that the SLP have opposed every recommendation made by the current administration, as a result, their opposition has now lost whatever legitimacy they once enjoyed. 

We make this comment based on our most recent experience.  If we recalled, some three month ago when the current administration decided to reopen the nation’s borders by allowing international visitors to re-enter the state, the MP for Castries South was the first to raise concern by proposing the government should first focus on the regional market.

I wonder for a moment whether the MP lived in a real world, as three months on, having travelled to Barbados on Air Antilles there were just three passengers on a 70-seat aircraft, while returning from Barbados four days later, there were just four passengers on the same aircraft.  Let us fast track to the arrival of international visitors which shows that close to 700 passengers arrive in one day.  This now gives the nation a clear idea of the difference between the two parties.

The MP for Castries South further highlighted the dangers of permitting US citizens from entering our shores based on the number of Covid cases in the US not realizing that there were appropriate measures which could be implemented to address these issues, similar to the new Covid Bill implemented to address unwarranted rallies within our country.

Again, it is this lack of understanding which causes his party to mis-pitch at every turn. In the process, the current administration was able to start the process of rehiring much faster than anticipated, permitting the Tourism Industry to bring back some 5,000 employees not counting another 800 associated with the industry.  The member for Castries South also took the lead in questioning the new Covid 19 control and prevention bill without realizing the importance, but even more worrying, his party’s decision to demonstrate, thereby, putting the nation at risk.  This demonstration was mindless but took place as they were simply itching to march based on the curfew which disallowed gatherings for the last six months.  A virtual meeting gets the message out for both parties, so there was no need for putting the nation at risk.

It is ironic that the SLP clan continue to brand the UWP with their FFF formula not realizing that the Piton fiasco, the Grynberg Affair and Frenwell were all foreign entities and today, certain discredited politicians and their cohorts are leading the charge at the PMA facility.

Should they not question the politicians who signed the deeds of sale for all those projects?  Where were these demonstrators when the first sale was implemented? It was the same politician who investigated and persecuted the former Prime Minister over the Grynberg Affair until the former PM used his legal ability to muzzle him through the courts.

The former PM has and never forgave this politician and this has remained as clear as daylight at the last political meeting where the former PM remained dumbfounded, while the said politician spewed his anger and went on bended knees to a party that cannot and dare not touch him, based on his toxic behaviour.

Some of us never know when to seek forgiveness, but instead continue dwelling in a sphere of fantasy to their own creating.  The current PM has saved St. Lucia from the likes of this politician and by the same token we should never forget that the former PM warned the nation about this individual who has only got more bitter as the reins of power continue to evade him  ad infinitum.

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