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Should Lucians ‘Wake-up and Smell the Coffee’ or ‘Go with the Flow’?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THE Prime Minister is being accused daily these days of making laws, ensuring enforcement of new COVID rules and having the police to keep citizens in check. You either abide by the new rules or pay the price — fines, sentences, or what have you.

Those who enforce the rules have secure jobs, like the police, customs, civil service and so on, while those of us who have lost jobs through COVID – like me – are forced to abandon what was and adjust to what is, failing to comply or adjust to the new laws and dictates being just not an option.

Funny enough, laws have always governed life, so Rule of Law has also always been a sort of ‘National Code For Life.’ But the strange but true thing is that ‘We the People’, including the poorest among us, must vote for the Government every five years that will carry out that mandate. But…

The bottom line is that no matter how you check it, the masses always need to pay for being alive – and while some get ‘big, broad, massive and large’ with wealth, our prime lands are being negotiated away with bargain deals that leave me wondering whether we really value what is ours or what should always be ours.

Freedom is being seen by many as now become a thing of the past and with politics in the air and elections around the corner many are loudly saying it looks like we are returning old system and others saying our leaders are looking to enslave us all over again, to make us kiss goodbye to Democracy.

So, what does the future hold? Your guess is as good as mine, but all I ask is that we wake-up and smell the coffee, or we can can continue to go with the flow, do nothing apart from talk, and still expect a different outcome.

It doesn’t work that way though, because if that’s the way we choose to go, the Crappo will always smoke our pipe!

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