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Police Commissioner Moncherry on Granting Permission for SLP Rally on Sunday

POLICE Commissioner Severin Moncherry yesterday confirmed that he gave permission to the Saint Lucia Labour Party to hold a march and rally on Sunday 4th October 2020.

He said he considered all the circumstances connected with the situation faced by the country in respect of COVID-19, and consulted with the various stakeholders and is satisfied that he can give permission for that event.

Image of Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry
Police Commissioner, Severin Moncherry

“Part of the approval would have certain conditions, some of which would include social distancing, wearing of masks and other COVID-19 protocols,” Moncherry said.

He said that if people do not follow certain conditions then any police officer could stop the rally.

“If there’s any breach of the conditions of approval then we can stop the rally. Now it is not correct to say that they’re not protocols in place, there are protocols in place and there are separate legislation that would cover some of the protocols that would have been in place under the SI’s. That would include the Public Order Act, the Quarantine Act and the Public Health Act. Further to that the constitution of Saint Lucia is quite clear; that in the interest of public safety there can be suspension of certain rights,” Moncherry said.

“I want to urge all Saint Lucians and persons who are going to go out there to that march and rally we need to try to ensure that we protect our own selves and the only way we can do that is by practicing social distancing. You may believe to yourself that ok look we do not have any active case right now but just one person can infect a number of people so we need to also follow the laws on that day, we need to comply with police instructions and what I can say to you that if you believe that you have any issues with the police maybe you need to adopt the approach of complying and complaining after,” Moncherry said.

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  1. Knowing our people as I do, I don’t think there was a miracle to have happened
    overnight to have them to behave, obey the Law, no drinking, and keep 6ft + from
    each other; when that happens in the St. Lucia that I know, I’ll admit it’s a miracle
    indeed such I’ve never seen happen in St. Lucia since the Papa Jab shocked the
    acrobat to revive him. Well, there’s never a dull moment in the land of the free.
    Who will accept the blame when things turn nasty, and things fall apart? is it you Sir?

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