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What We Do Before and After Corona is What Will Matter!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

When signs of significant happenings surface, your true self must be questioned. Many fear that their life can be cut short suddenly because of this new worldwide Coronavirus.

Those who have amassed wealth wonder what it’s worth at this point in time. Several seek food before grace, while some world leaders are more concerned about the recovery of the economy than survival of their people.

Ironically if you are a government nearing an election year, you are forced to show your true colours, or be caught napping. There have been many projects, earmarked for construction and being implemented, but the usual source of funds have suddenly dried up, the people now need  to know what will assist in their time of need and the government having to ensure they have enough resources to run the next election.

The problems are many, the needs are plenty, the funds collected in the recent past have been given or lent out in the hope that it will come back or multiply in time.

I don’t envy the position that the government is in, but their actions in the coming weeks and months will give us a clear indication of where their hearts or loyalties lie.

Can we depend on our nationals to remain calm and weather out the storm? Will they agree to follow advice and guidance, or will they revolt, become more violent, more daring? All these questions and answers will unfold in the coming days.

I pray that calm exists. I also hope that good sense prevails. But for calm and understanding to exist, it must be seen that the State cares for all and not just the righteous few. The marginalized citizens are the most in need, the poor and unemployed follow in line, those who have loans, mortgages, rents and loss of revenue due to this international virus — all will be hoping for help and assistance and I truly wonder where will it be coming from.

Will it be a situation where those who have acquired wealth through the state give some back as a contribution? Will the haves help those who don’t have and are in need? Will there be a pay cut at the top, or will our intended investment friends and present investors willingly give?

I don’t know how this scenario will play out, but I wait with bated breath to see the outcome.

After all is said and done, will it be business as usual? Will we reassess the tourism industry and fall back on agriculture? Will we think more spiritually and stop pursuing our material gods? Will we be more helpful and supportive to our fellow man, or do we go back to the usual don’t-care-a-damn attitude?

All of that will reveal itself in the coming weeks, months and years to come and I hope we are ready for the revelations, because whether you believe in creation or evolution, this virus is hitting all of us the same way and we have the same interest in finding solutions to both our common and different problems before and after Corona.

What will matter most is what we learn from this experience and what we do after.

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