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Our people are the cause and can also be the solution to our problems

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By Carlton Ishmael

THERE is an old saying that it takes one to know one. The problem with crime is that there is not enough information or consideration for intelligence-gathering and surveillance to pre-determine criminal behavior.

The methods or investigation and observation of criminal trends by the present police force are lacking. So, to get with the times, you need a new breed of thinkers and planners to assess the situation as is at present and formulate a plan and come up with new and convincing ideas to neutralize the situation.

I honestly believe that a group of young persons can be trained in intelligence-gathering, as well as surveillance, coupled with integration and data analysis, to assist in fighting criminality.

In major matters that deserve police action, they can pass on the necessary information to the police who can then make an arrest, or foil a criminal plan, or move in to prevent such action from possibly taking place.

The young know each other, they are aware of the thoughts and behavioral actions of youth like themselves and if they are properly paid and respected and protected by the system, I think it will bear more fruit.

Now, I am not here talking about establishing a gang of ‘souceurs’ or ‘ghetto informers’ who will not be reliable or trusted by the police or the community. Instead, I am talking about training people in international, regional and national intelligence procedures about matters or national security, to protect the nation as a whole and not just to mark people for arrest just for spite.

There is a solution to every problem, but problem solving cannot be achieved by old methods. There are intelligent young people who qualify in all walks in life and they gain honours for achieving great things. They are the future and they can also come up with ideas that can make a difference in our crime-fighting plans.

We often underestimate the youth. We do not get their input in our forward planning and we treat them like aliens, seldom giving them a chance to prove their worth or commitment to this society.

The ones I am talking about should not become policemen, but an arm of intelligence for the police and law enforcers, who know how to use the technology of the day, have all the time in the world for surveillance and can be associated with all kinds of groupings or gangs.

They are perfect undercover agents, but the key is to protect their identity and protect them at all cost and ensure that they are well paid and given full respect with such responsibility.

This will also boost employment among the youth in a positive way, as they can be deployed or become a resident in all communities and can be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. They can make a difference and crime fighting as we know it can be tackled from a different prospective.

We have to do something to change our methods and we must believe in our people to solve our problems because if they are the cause and can also be the solution.

For too long, all we get or hear is the intention to do something, but the question is: Do we back-up the talk or walk the walk?

How can we become victims of violence and crime and do nothing? So, for what it is worth, bring in the youth to help us chart a new course.

Everybody tries to protect their jobs, everybody employed in an established institution thinks they are doing a fine job, but sadly the results show different.

Every criminal activity is always being investigated, but the apprehension and persons brought to justice is not happening quick enough. The so-called judicial system is failing to resolve, or make a difference, so, basically, we have no meaningful solutions.

So, dear readers, consider my thoughts on the subject of a new method or solution.

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