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Another National Trust Agenda

By Oswald Augustin

AS the world at large and by extension Saint Lucia remain in the throes of addressing the Coronavirus, we witness the same group from the National Trust circumventing the priorities of the nation for selfish and political interests. This group of persons who have little or no claim to fame are now focusing their attention on investors who are able to raise the profile of St. Lucia by attracting individuals capable of contributing to the nation’s direct foreign investment. A cause which is the Hallmark of advice from the World Bank and the IMF.

At this moment, we shall desist in highlighting the damage these individuals have already caused to the nation’s economy by way of their willful obstruction methods. More importantly, the attaché of the former Prime Minister took the liberty to compare the downturn the world experienced in 2008 to what is likely to happen in the event the Coronavirus becomes a major economic issue. When individuals view the glass as being half empty verses being half full, it is persons like these who display their selfishness to a superlative degree.

As I sit back and observe those actors, one story comes to mind when a lawyer friend once said to me, quote: “Who do you fear most? Lions and Tigers or people?” “The response by the lawyer was people, as in people we don’t know whether their sentiments relate to Lions, Tigers, Snakes, Cats, Dogs or Centipedes and so the list goes on.” Since then I remain cautious when monitoring the motive of human beings. I say to the Prime Minister, his Cabinet of Ministers and the CABOT Team to remain strong against those who do not hold the interest of St. Lucia first and foremost.

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