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Travis Chicot Speaks Out

By Edison James

IT was a powerful statement from Travis Chicot, Head of the Welfare Association which brought home to many St Lucians the unwarranted intervention of the SLNT into the construction of the new police headquarters and six court houses fully designed by an International Architectural Company in Canada, a company which specializes in designing police headquarters and court houses.

The fact that Mr Toolsie can subscribe his name to a recent article in The Voice Newspaper proposing that the site be earmarked as a tourism location is not only ludicrous, but an insult to the intelligence of St Lucians. These three acres in the heart of the city has a commercial value of over $20,000,000, but more importantly at a time when the public have expressed concerns about the location of various court houses within the city, makes Toolsie’s views questionable. The location of the proposed facility will ensure that Bordelais offenders would not enter the city for trial and further, the magistrates and judges would have adequate access to a top-notch facility inclusive of a fully secured area. Hopefully, better sense will prevail and the individuals at the SLNT will have a new vision for 2020 to ensure that our 1,000 strong police officers who place themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis will have a proper home and facility to enjoy the respect they fully deserve.

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