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School is Mentally Unhealthy

THERE are few things that have the ability to anger me but the impact that school has on one’s mental health is extremely concerning. The objective of school is to provide an establishment where learning is the first priority, yet it has strayed so far from this. It is utterly disgusting. Allow me to further explain my reasoning and give points to support my argument.

Firstly, students are forced to conform to prison-like standards, six hours a day, five days weekly and then some. This cannot be good for the growing mind of any child. We’re told what to do, where to go, when to speak and must ask permission to even put shavings in the trash. Students have absolutely no freedom! This begs the question, how will these students behave in the long run when they’re given their first taste of freedom? Odds are they will relish in this new found fresh air and be labelled rebellious.

Secondly, after being bombarded with work for six dreadfully long hours of the day, students are expected to complete further assignments at home. This can lead to increased stress levels, sleep deprivation and lower productivity levels in the long run. Although homework can be helpful and aid in advancing the class, the scale at which it is distributed does more harm than good for the student. It begs the question Ms Editor, are we really students or energized zombies?

Lastly, the grading system is a punishment which is inflexible in itself. With differing student learning styles, examinations spell immediate ‘failure’ for some. Where a handful of students excel in traditional methods of assessment, and the rest are left behind and are deemed underperformers. Ms Editor, do you understand how maddening this is? Do you understand how this prison sets us up for failure? What does it say about this highly acclaimed education system when the same students are deemed underachievers each term?

In conclusion, given the standards students must follow in school, the homework load they are given and the biased grading system, how can we believe that this is a healthy environment for children to learn in? This is what really makes me mad, Ms Editor.

Ruth Blasse
(Prisoner in this archaic school system)

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