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Mexican Nationals Shot in Daylight Circus Robbery

ON the afternoon of Friday August 23rd, two male Mexican nationals were shot during a robbery near Malabar beach, the site of the upcoming Suarez Brothers Circus. The men were at the time engaged in the erection of the circus tent when two armed men emerged from a white Suzuki swift shortly after it drove and parked near the site.

Image of the Big Top at Malabar where the shooting occurred
The Big Top at Malabar where the shooting occurred

The armed men reportedly went directly toward one of the Mexican workers who was at the time carrying a money pouch which was strapped on his person. The armed individuals held the Mexican worker at gun point demanding that he give them the pouch. When he refused he was shot in the leg.

The men then produced a knife with which they cut the strap of the money pouch which they subsequently got away with, according to reports. Before they got away they fired four shots into the crowd of workers who then proceeded to assist the wounded Mexican.

Image of a bloody trail after the injured man was taken to hospital via private vehicle
A bloody trail after the injured man was taken to hospital via private vehicle

Another Mexican worker was shot during the second discharge of rounds. The armed men then made their getaway in the Suzuki swift. A Mexican mother and child were also present among the team of workers. The wounded men were transported to Victoria Hospital by a Saint Lucian who is currently employed at the circus. They were reported to be in stable condition. Less than an hour after the shooting incident occurred, work at the site recommenced as usual. One of the Mexicans remarked, “The circus must go on.” There were no Police Officers at the scene at that particular time.

The Suarez Brothers were the target of a similar robbery which took place thirteen years ago in Saint Martin. During that incident, José Crispin Suarez Garcia, aged 47 of Mexico, was shot and killed by two assailants while he was on his way to a radio station to make payments for the advertisements of the Suarez Brothers’ Circus.

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