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Mass or No Mass?

On the 6th of June the Government celebrated three years of being in office. The celebration included a church service at the church in Odsan. Later, a television news station reported that a Mass was held.

For the purpose of clarification/ education if you like, a Mass was not celebrated.

For a Mass to be celebrated there are several components, the two most important ones being the proclamation of the Word from the bible, and the offering up of a sacrifice by a properly anointed / ordained priest. The priest through the power of the Holy Spirit / God changes the bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ and this is offered to God in thanksgiving and atonement for our sins. This offering of sacrifice is what Jesus did on the cross. This Mass takes place normally in Catholic Churches.

Most of the Christian 30,000 to 40,000 denominations are good at sharing the “Word” from the bible but have no authentic sacrifice to offer since their priests do not have the  anointing that has come down from Jesus Christ. Hence they are unable to offer a legitimate sacrifice, hence there is no Mass. One consequence of this is that most of these religions remain aloof from signing themselves in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. There is a denial of the fundamental act of sacrifice and salvation that the cross represents.

So back to Odsan. Yes, there was a prayer service and that was good, but it was not a Mass. Neither was it old mass that we take part in at carnival, which is just around the corner. On the other hand, seeing the Prime Minister up front in the celebration and he being not a little man, one could report he was a man of great mass. So the word could have been used in different ways, but the one chosen by the news reporter was incorrect.

God bless.

– Geoffrey Devaux

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  1. My dear Mr. Devaux, or should I humbly refer to you Sir, as Jeff? you wouldn’t mind.
    I’m just an ordinary guy who’ve done some reading and as an old R.C. guy who’ve
    been to the famed ‘Notre Dame’ and to me the best of all at ‘Santiago del Compostela’ .
    and name it. I must say, I do admire your dedication to what you have been taught and
    I just wish to touch on one or two points, if you don’t mind. There seem to be a hangup
    on the ‘Sacrifice’ as to the Sacrifice of the “Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world”.
    What I have come to learn is, there was – one Sacrifice – once for all; and no substitute
    and we should be ever so careful, not to look for or add to anything else to dilute what
    our Lord did on the Cross on Calvary. At the many Christian Churches I have attended
    they offer the Bread, the broken body of Christ, an offering for the healing of the body
    and the Wine, that which is for the cleansing of sin which we confess only to the Lord.
    I also read…….”Now there is no condemnation in them that are in Christ Jesus”……….
    Let me stick my head out to say that most, if not all the other denominations in St.Lucia
    do believe that Jesus is the Christ, The Son of the Living God, who sits on the right side
    of the ‘Almighty’ and he who believes that, is Saved by his faith. I hope you agree with me.
    Now this thing about Mass is really confusing to those who are not brought up as Roman
    Catholics, why? because it is not found in the ‘Holly Bible’. May I kindly ask you, not to
    worry about the other denominations, they all love the Lord and the Lord loves them mightily.
    There will be a judgement day, when we shall all account for the good and the evil we did
    in this present, “for all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God”. “many are called
    but few are chosen”..” so let us workout our salvation with fear and trembling”.Only believe.
    So Jeff, on that glorious morning when the last Trumpet of the Lord is sounded, let us make
    sure that we make that first Resurrection, though we shall all face the Judgement seat of Christ.
    What is most important now, is to Love Our Lord, put away all evil and try hard to sin no more
    but if we sin, we do have an Advocate, The Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood for us who believe.

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