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The Best Duo of All Time: Me & the Universe

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By Carissa Daniel

Just about a month ago my laptop came crashing down, literally. There I was trying to balance my niece in one hand and the laptop in the other and well thankfully, it was the laptop and not my niece who fell. The crash was critical to my 5-year-old companion. The screen was cracked, and the computer refused to power on.

A computer is extremely important in supporting my work. I absolutely require a personal computer. My brother knowing this, graciously offered me the temporary use of my nephew’s laptop, while I either repaired or replaced mine. Needless to say, I was extremely grateful.

A few weeks after the tragic crash, one of my dearest friends decided that he wanted to purchase a new laptop. He asked me to help him shop around for a ‘pretty decent’ one. We eventually found a good quality, feature rich, well priced laptop. I also helped him to set it up. I was truly impressed by the durable features and the laptop’s capacity. Then and there I decided to get a similar one, at some future date.

Two days later, I was back at my friend’s house, helping him with another task. What seemed to be ‘out of the blue,’ he asked, “Do you like my laptop?” I responded with an affirmative but curious, “Yes…I do… I love it…I plan on getting one very soon.” He then said, “Ok great! I will buy you one.”

I was completely flabbergasted, blown away and deeply touched by his kindness and generosity. I was particularly amazed by the ‘how’ of the laptop’s manifestation.

Never once did I consider that someone could gift me the laptop I desired. I knew I would get the laptop; I just didn’t know how. My initial thought was buying the laptop myself but as I now know from this and several other past experiences, the Universe’s line of sight is far wider and greater than mine.

In previous times, when I would desire something, I would try to figure out the how, when, where, who and why of it. I would ‘get in my head’, trying to figure it all out, in an attempt to make it happen, based on the very limited information I was working with.

I eventually came to the realization that my mind’s line of sight was very limited by my even more limited experiences and body of information. This of course limits my perception, perspective and known possibilities. However, the Universe, Great Intelligence, God, The Divine or whatever name you want to ascribe, is not limited but instead knows all, sees all, is all.

The acknowledgment of this wisdom is both humbling and comforting. It is also extremely reassuring because despite my obvious human limitations, through my connection with the Great Intelligence, I can experience and access limitless possibilities.

I often view my connection or relationship to the Divine as a partnership, one, where among other things, we have our individual responsibilities but we both know we are working towards the same mission and goal.

In this partnership, one of my responsibilities is, manifesting my experiences, which starts with a desire and is fueled by trust, faith and belief. On the other hand, one of the responsibilities of the Universe is to receive that desire, signaled by the energy of my trust, faith and belief and identify and isolate the best possibility for how that desire will be manifested.

We both are extremely skilled at what we do. I am great at desiring and the Universe is the very best in making my desires come to life.

Before this understanding of my relationship with the Universe, I was an overachiever, and ignorant of the importance of my partner’s work. I tirelessly tried to do both jobs, mine and the Universe’s.

I would try to work on the desire and wanted to also work on how it was going to manifest. Of course, the product of my overachieving self was very limited, frustrating and unproductive, simply because I ignored the wisdom, expertise, skill and input of my one of a kind, veteran partner.

Thankfully, eventually, I learnt from my past choices and now allow the Universe to do what it knows best. Admittedly, sometimes, I do forget and revert to my old ways, but when experiences, like the manifestation of the laptop occurs, I am reminded of this truth.

Don’t limit your experience by trying to figure out all the details of how your desires will manifest. Instead, focus on being clear as to what you want, be receptive, maintain your trust, faith and belief that even before you can feel, touch, smell or interact with it, it’s already yours.

And simply allow the Great Intelligence to do its job, a job it has been doing from the beginning of time, supporting you and making your desires a reality.

Editor’s Note: Carissa Daniel is a Business Coach, Speaker, and Consultant. Her new Heart Space Column focuses on empowering, healing, and awakening people to their True Selves.

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