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Still Wondering Why Taxpayers Never Get Value For Our Money?

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

It’s usual practice here to only look at the act but pay no attention to the cause.

For many years now, you hear of alarming accuracies, we make a fuss about it and talk about it, but it dies — until the next time it happens, and the trend continues.

We hear about the Brain Drain, of good teachers and nurses and other like professionals leaving our shores and seeking employment elsewhere in the world, but we never think of finding out the reason why.

Granted, the pay may be better in some cases, but the cost of reestablishing your life in another country can be astronomical.

Consider that if the true reasons for their actions were investigated or researched, there maybe could have been less persons choosing to leave.

The same situation applies to crime. We are aware that there is an upsurge in criminal activity, yet the reasons why do not seem to be of importance.

We continue to flip-flop over many issues, but do little to curb or rectify most situations.

Not too long ago, some of the best minds were directed to assess our Constitution with the sole purpose of upgrading it, but despite the outcome or recommendations, the issue remains dead.

How come we expect change, yet keep things as they are and boast about progress?

Things remain about ‘dollars and sense’, but never about improving the quality of life for our people.

People are paid to implement change, given huge salaries to make a difference, yet it seems the more you pay the less we gain.

Every other person seems to be a con-artist, especially those who claim to be qualified. It is like the state has to pay for individual growth, yet the taxpayers never get value for their money.

If the country has to progress, we must pay attention to the causes of negative behaviour, we must demand results from the authorities, we have to see progress as the improvement of life for all and not for a selected few.

The division of opportunity cannot continue because the time of rebellion will come and the price we have to pay for neglect may well be beyond our reach.

We need to make hay while the sun shines, to wake up and smell the coffee, to deal with the country’s reality, not pretend we do not care, and leave life to take its course.

Wow! What a country, what a people — and what a state of affairs.

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