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Methodist Church: “Enough of the Crime and Violence!”

Image of Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Rev. Seth Ampadu.

Over the past few weeks, we have witnessed a lot of gun related violence in Saint Lucia, which doesn’t augur well with us. We have not thought of the impact this brings to our economy. In places where these kinds of situations exist, we can be sure potential investors will be deterred from bringing their money into the country. To the young people involved, have you thought about your future? When we continue to “kill ourselves” we are destroying our own future.  As a society, we need to create a culture of compassion and kindness in order to eliminate this “monster of crime and violence” in our communities.

Image of Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Rev. Seth Ampadu.
Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Rev. Seth Ampadu.

Truth be told, it appears crime and violence is causing fear and panic among the masses. It seems to me that fear of violence is paralyzing and polarizing our communities. The news today is filled with terrible stories of crime and violence.  Gun related cases seem to be reported almost every week in our news media. Today, our families are torn apart by violence and our communities are destroyed by violence. We see violence in our homes, in our schools and on our streets.

We need to ask some questions: Where do the people who are involved in these crimes get the guns and the ammunition? Do we manufacture guns in our country? If not, where do these guns come from? Do they pass through our borders? Who is responsible for the protection of our borders? These are legitimate questions we need to ask ourselves, if we want to overcome crime and violence in our country.

I think it is time to stop the celebration of violence in our social media, and music that contains foul language should not be encouraged. Again, it seems as though some of the video games are also contributing factors to crime. Some of these video games are poisoning the minds of some of our children and our young people. Beyond the violence in our streets is the violence in our hearts. Hostility, hatred, despair and indifference are at the heart of a growing culture of violence. Verbal disputes within our families are also a key contributor of this ugly menace, with mass communication and talk shows contributing to this culture of violence.

I do believe we can turn away from violence. It is not too late! We can build communities of greater peace. This peace begins with a clear conviction, respect for human life and value for human dignity. Respect for human life and compassion is the starting point for confronting a culture of crime and violence. As a Methodist community, we are appealing to all to show respect for each other and find a better way to resolve conflict. Remember, guns and other weapons are not the solution.

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  1. Why did it had to take someone who is a complete stranger to our country
    to tell you straight to your face, that you are falling asleep on the job? I was
    thinking, maybe you do not care? but on second thought, I think you do, but
    you need a wake up call. If that’s so, you all may not like it. How would you like
    to wake up some day, with the economy so destroyed, no more investors,no more
    visitors/tourists no jobs,shops and stores and businesses closing down; and you think
    it’s a joke? the Law Courts are choke full, Jails over crowded, it’s not a dream, it’s reality.
    Today it took a humble and small church (in size & number) to tell you the truth that many
    other denominations may have failed to tell you for decades. The other larger churches
    are just too complacent to come out publicly to say it as it is.If something is not done soon
    enough to send a strong message saying, we’ve had enough so you have forced us to take
    these actions, so from now on – You KILL – YOU HANG – no if’s but’s or maybe; and one more
    thing, it is for young offenders,you will have to suffer the bitter end of the Strap; the Lolo – Beff
    Jail is one thing, but when you have to get a good cut ass once and maybe twice, you begin to think.

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