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Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk Successful

THIS past Saturday, March 9, 2019 over 50 mentors and mentees from Saint Lucia joined women around the world as they participated in the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk commemorating International Women’s Day. This Mentoring Walk is part of a global movement dedicated to inspiring a generation of young women leaders through mentorship.

This year, a historic 174 Global Mentoring Walks were organised in 62 countries.

Representatives from the Celestial Self-Development Centre have indicated that they are proud of the success of this year’s walk particularly given the quality of the mentoring relationships which began on Saturday.

“We had many new participants who expressed praise for this initiative and are looking forward to continuing their mentoring relationship,” a release from the Development Centre stated. “The Global Mentoring Walk brought together professional and business women who engaged in conversation with their less experienced counterparts to discuss their professional challenges, their goals and successes. The Mentoring Walk is the beginning of many mentoring relationships that continue during the year and beyond.”

The non-profit event was made possible through the sponsorship of Vows Plus, Vybe Radio, Elks City of Castries Cooperative Credit Union, Agostini Insurance Brokers, Byron Mobile Productions, Blue Waters and The Saint Lucia Ice Factory. According to Celestial SDC, “We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all who supported this initiative; our mentors, mentees, volunteers and members of the media who generously disseminated information about the event. After the success of this year’s walk, which was our fifth year as flagbearers, our focus will be on finding modalities to assist mentors and their mentees in maintaining meaningful mentoring relationships. We look forward to reporting on successes for International Women’s Day 2020.”

Celestial SDC will continue to profile and register mentors throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in volunteering as a mentor to aspiring women leaders is asked to contact the Celestial Self Development Centre.

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