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Shoppers receiving big boost for Easter

Easter is a time that can be both fulfilling and exciting. It is also an excellent time for family coming together to mix tradition with enjoyment and usually a time for gifts, food, and fun.

Many small businesses have reported an increase in consumer spending in preparation for the Easter Holidays. Axcel Finance, the leading regional microfinance institution, reported an increase in micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises financing in recent weeks as business owners replenish stock for the busy shopping season.

Ahead of the holiday, Axcel Finance has announced the launch of its exclusive promotion to reduce the burden of shopping this Easter. The Easter Supermarket Sweepstake offers a chance to win up to $3,000 worth of groceries for any client who takes a MicroBiz or Xpress Loan this season.

Feedback from consumers suggests that there has been a general increase in the prices of products and services across the market. For this reason, Axcel Finance enables its loyal customers to benefit from this latest promotion and reduce the impact of high-priced goods by offering customized financing solutions. “We have seen teachers, policemen, and individuals from all sectors in the economy coming in to access financing for this upcoming season,” reported Sam Rosenberg, CEO of Axcel Finance. He added “we understand the importance of SMEs and the critical role they play in the economy. For this reason, we always look for new opportunities to stimulate economic activity in this sector.”

As one of the most sought-after microfinancing institutions, Axcel Finance continues to offer short-term solutions that cater to clients’ needs, giving them the financial freedom they deserve. This Easter is no different. Axcel Finance has tailored their loan products so that the general public can enjoy the Easter holidays up to the maximum.

In addition to responsive Easter loans, Axcel Finance has added another dimension wherein every client has the opportunity to participate in their supermarket sweep and win up to $3,000 worth of groceries.

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