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No Crew Left Behind hits T&T Carnival

THE anticipated Crop Over campaign, #NoCrewLeftBehind2019 is underway with their first stop being Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. The five-month promotion, gives carnival lovers from around the Caribbean, the chance to win over USD $50,000 in prizes inclusive of costumes, ground transportation, event tickets, dining experiences, island attractions and the ultimate opportunity to visit Barbados’ Crop Over festival for the experience of a lifetime.

A Bajan entourage led by the 2018 three-king champion Lil’ Rick is set to light the Caribbean on fire with the burning flavours of Crop Over. While selling the story of Crop Over, a team from the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) will also be promoting to carnival fans the elements of local street food such as Oistins, the increasing number of food trucks, Barbados’ unique experiences and new products and the island’s excellent connectivity throughout the campaign.

Over the next three months, the ‘No Crew Left Behind’ posse will touch ground at two more carnivals. The crew will continue to target the hottest fetes during Jamaica’s carnival in April and Guyana’s carnival in May. In 2018, Guyana showed the most growth, with high interest shown by both Trinidad and Jamaica.

For a chance to attend Crop Over, partygoers simply need to spot the Bajan artiste, take a photo with them, upload it to their Instagram page using the hashtags #NoCrewLeftBehind2019 and #CropOver2019. The winner will be selected by the highest number of “Likes” on their photo submission. Also, the BTMI is fully embracing the opportunities with digital marketing, as persons can now double their chances of winning when they “Like” the #NoCrewLeftBehind2019 social media pages and share any content posted by the crew.

For the first time in history, the #NoCrewLeftBehind2019 team is partnering with Caribbean Airlines and their new Caribbean Airline Vacations Tour company to introduce an airline booking portal with great deals.

Fully embracing the opportunities of digital marketing, the BTMI has also enhanced the online Crop Over Crew Package Sweepstakes leg of the ‘No Crew Left Behind’ competition. Any fan travelling to Crop Over’s Kadooment Day can book via the special package portal using the promo code “NCLB2019” to get the chance to win free airline, airport transfers and accommodation.

In addition, the #NoCrewLeftBehind2019 team is giving persons a third chance at the prize winnings with an Instagram video contest. To enter, fans must post a Crop Over themed video or mini movie to their personal page using the hashtags #NoCrewLeftBehindSweepstakes2019 and #CropOver2019 to be eligible. Each contestant must have a select range of song choices to support their theme.

Director of the Caribbean and Latin America at the BTMI, Corey Garrett, explained that, “Since 2019 was dubbed the Year of Wellness and Soft Adventure, we are encouraging the visitors to the island to not only come and experience our Crop Over festival but to go a step further and explore the authentic and exciting activities and adventures the island has to offer.”

The primary aim of the ‘No Crew Left Behind’ campaign is to bring awareness to the Crop Over festival,” Garrett emphasized. “While people outside the Caribbean might look in on us and think all Caribbean carnival experiences are the same, we know that each of our carnivals, like our islands, has its unique appeal. Therefore, after the Grand Kadooment, why not stay for a catamaran, visit the St. Nicholas Abbey or just relax on one of our many white, sandy beaches.”

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