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Mayor concerned about vehicles being parked on sidewalks

Mayor of Castries Peterson D. Francis is calling for an end to vehicles being parked on City sidewalks.

He made specific mention of trailers and other heavy goods vehicles.

The Mayor of Castries has brought into focus the inconvenience of vehicles being parked on sidewalks.

Mayor Francis notes the problem is a growing habit with goods vehicles being parked on the sidewalks to offload and distribute their products.

According to the Mayor, the practice results in damage to the sidewalks, metal and concrete slabs and in some instances the landscaping.

“It’s a burden and cost to the council as most times repairs need to be made to those sidewalks or metal grills,” the Mayor observed.

Mayor Francis also noted that the Castries Constituency Council has faced lawsuits arising from persons who have sustained injuries due to damaged sidewalks.

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