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HerFleur Set to Empower Blossoming Young Women

Image: Young women participating in Saturday's mentoring walk

School Tour campaign to promote women’s health.

THE HerStoire Collective has embarked on a new phase of education and empowerment for young women. The new initiative, dubbed “HERFleur” began its school tour with the Bocage Secondary School, last Wednesday, February 27 2019. The tour continues over the next three months.

HERFleur: Let’s Talk. Period.” is the second phase of the Sister2Sister Safe Space Program -a highly successful initiative considered a “best practice” by the OECS, that bridges the gap between service delivery in sexual and reproductive health (SRH) for young St. Lucian women by using innovative and relevant safe spaces. Recognising that the area of menstrual health education and empowerment is a specific SRH gap in Saint Lucia, the HERFleur initiative, undertaken by the HERStoire Collective, is a campaign to promote menstruation health and hygiene education, provide menstrual supplies to school-girls, and foster SRH empowerment in women throughout Saint Lucia, particularly targeting young women from remote/rural communities.

With financial support from FRIDA- the Young Feminist Fund, endorsement and technical support from the Saint Lucia Ministry of Health – Bureau of Health Education and the Saint Lucia Family Planning Association, the Herstoire Collective endeavours to implement HERFleur as a school tour campaign delivered to various upper form classes in secondary schools throughout the island.

HERFleur will run over the course of three months. Activities will be highlighted in recognition of International Women’s Day on March 8th, and the campaign will culminate on International Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28th, 2019. This campaign has great potential to increase the health, wellness, quality of life and productivity of young Saint Lucian women.

According to advisor for the project, Dr. Robyn Charlery White: “The Herfleur. “Let’s Talk. Period.” School Tour in Saint Lucia made its first secondary school stop at Bocage Secondary, yesterday. What a fabulous experience this was! The highlight of our day was hearing from these young ladies that before this session, they’ve never been taught about menstruation. I repeat. They’ve never been taught about menstruation. We felt that! That’s why we’re here, because menstruation matters. Periods should not be taboo or considered shameful.”

The initiative highlights youth volunteer engagement, the facilitation of interactive discourse, and activities surrounding menstrual health and related SRH issues. Several donations of menstrual care items will also be made to young women. Appearances are expected from NGOs and civil service organisations.

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