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Government Remains Committed to Saint Lucian Workers

Image: Teachers arriving to the National Cultural Centre for Monday’s meeting with the Teachers Union. (PHOTO: By PhotoMike)

THE Government of Saint Lucia takes the opportunity to restate its commitment to the general welfare of all Saint Lucian workers. The core of its policies include the boosting of morale and the improvement of the productivity of the State.

Since 2016, the Government has addressed several long outstanding issues related to the health and safety of employees within the public service and at our nation’s educational and medical institutions. This is an ongoing process which will require continued dialogue with all stakeholders and the commitment of the requisite financial resources.

The Government reaffirms its commitment to the process of engaging workers and looks forward to the expeditious conclusion to the 2016-2019 public sector wage negotiations. The Government remains confident that the Cabinet-appointed Government Negotiating Team (GNT) and the negotiating parties can reach consensus so that together we may move forward.

The Government is aware that the GNT has been meeting regularly with the various union representatives and also has several meetings scheduled with the parties involved in negotiations.

The Government notes that the responsibility for successful negotiations lies with all parties acting in good faith, to reach an outcome which takes into consideration the current economic climate and improves the working conditions of all workers.

The Government of Saint Lucia is concerned about the level of misinformation which has been circulated of late in relation to its policies. This matter will be addressed in the appropriate forum.

The Government calls on all involved in the ongoing negotiations to be responsible and allow the process to continue in a manner that will be beneficial to the continued development of our nation.

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